Press Releases

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14/05/2023 (Italiano) BGY Airport Granfondo apre le ali: tra i vincitori il fratello di Colbrelli! Download
08/05/2023 With Vittoria, the BGY Granfondo Experience starts at the landing Download
03/05/2023 Plastic-Free and Electric-powered, BGY Airport Granfondo goes green Download
13/04/2023 The BGY Airport Granfondo fastens its seatbelt and gears up for the start Download
21/03/2023 BGY Airport Granfondo shows Bergamo’s artistic soul with Emilio Belotti Download
22/02/2023 (Italiano) Bergamo e BGY Airport Granfondo uniscono l'Italia nel nome del ciclismo Download
03/02/2023 BGY Airport Granfondo celebrates Bergamo through a limited edition jersey Download
17/01/2023 BGY Airport Granfondo sticks to tradition with three routes Download
15/12/2022 BGY Airport Granfondo opens registrations right now! Download
13/12/2022 The new BGY Airport Granfondo is ready to take-off Download
21/06/2022 The great heart of Granfondo Gimondi raises over €20.000 for charity Download
08/05/2022 Bergamo’s perfect day rekindles love for the GF Gimondi Download
07/05/2022 Granfondo Gimondi returns in Bergamo, first time without Felice Download
06/05/2022 Road break causes Granfondo Gimondi course’s change Download
29/04/2022 Granfondo Gimondi got full house for an exciting comeback in Bergamo Download
27/04/2022 Fifteen art installations to celebrate Felice Gimondi’s career Download
14/04/2022 Rent a road racing bike at the start and join the Granfondo Gimondi Download
07/04/2022 Granfondo Gimondi returns to Bergamo on May 8th Download
14/03/2022 Granfondo Gimondi 2022 joins five Granfondo series Download
11/02/2022 From the “bike-friendly” airport to GF Gimondi start straight through! Download
18/01/2022 Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi welcomes all bikes Download
08/11/2021 Granfondo Gimondi is back: registrations open now! Download
15/07/2021 GF Gimondi restart set the date on May 8th, 2022 Download
10/03/2021 Granfondo Gimondi-Bianchi looks ahead to 2022 Download
11/02/2021 Gimondi's sunlight illuminates 2021 trophy Download
13/01/2021 2021 GF Gimondi opens registrations from Monday, January 18th Download
13/11/2020 Bergamo's heart to become the GF Gimondi 2021 landmark Download
02/09/2020 May 9th, 2021: GF Gimondi an Bergamo restart together Download
31/07/2020 (Italiano) Granfondo per tutti: la proposta rivoluzionaria della “Gimondi” Download
12/03/2020 2020 Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi called off Download
06/03/2020 GF Gimondi suspends registrations: the event is in doubt Download
22/02/2020 GF Gimondi safer than ever with 95 additional overseers Download
13/02/2020 Ride with taste through GF Gimondi - Bianchi valleys Download
07/01/2020 The GF Gimondi - Bianchi open to all bikes Download
04/12/2019 The Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi rejoins the “Prestigio” family Download
29/11/2019 The GF official jersey celebrates Gimondi’s early years Download
09/11/2019 Registrations for 2020 GF Gimondi Bianchi to open on Monday 11th November Download
04/11/2019 Felice’s shirts the landmark of the new GF Gimondi Bianchi Download
08/08/2019 From Tokyo to Tokyo, GF Gimondi celebrates the Olympic dream Download
05/05/2019 GF Gimondi Bianchi stronger than cold and snow Download
04/05/2019 The GF Gimondi Bianchi is a race against the weather Download
03/05/2019 Bianchi makes the Granfondo Gimondi even more global Download
30/04/2019 The GF Gimondi Bianchi marshals a safety task force Download
26/04/2019 Eugenio Mercorio uphill ITT, in the name of friendship Download
16/04/2019 2019 Granfondo on eco-friendly mode to celebrate Triple Crown giant Download
06/04/2019 Hard as the bronze, the Magnificent 7’s deeds on 2019 trophy Download
29/03/2019 (Italiano) No alla plastica, la GF Gimondi Bianchi ancora più eco - friendly Download
22/03/2019 (Italiano) La sicurezza “raddoppia” alla Granfondo Gimondi Download
15/03/2019 (Italiano) Storia e leggenda dei Grandi Giri nella maglia della "Gimondi" Download
09/03/2019 Key battleground of cycling4all series in Bergamo Download
28/02/2019 Art and Cycling: Previtali Sculpture Exhibition in Bergamo Download
21/02/2019 GF Felice Gimondi and Bianchi extend sponsorship agreement until 2024 Download
09/02/2019 How the “Magnificent 7” unforgettable feats made the cycling history Download
14/01/2019 Fair value for all at iconic 2019 GF Gimondi Bianchi Download
17/12/2018 The Charity Entry, a Christmas gift for thousand smiles Download
31/10/2018 Registrations for Grand-Slam GF Gimondi to open on November 5th Download
28/08/2018 51 peaks, 51 feats: the GF Gimondi honors the Grand Slam’s Giants Download
26/07/2018 Bergamo to celebrate Grand Slam’s Giants next May 5th Download
25/06/2018 GF Gimondi Bianchi stands among most attended cycling events in Italy Download
06/05/2018 A whole success for an emotional Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi Download
05/05/2018 Ready, set: over 4.000 to take in Gf Gimondi in Bergamo on Sunday Download
04/05/2018 New Bianchi Oltre XR3 Disc and Nitron to star at GF Gimondi Download
03/05/2018 25 Countries and 5 continents on GF Gimondi's world map Download
02/05/2018 Passion and loyalty: 32 “Puntuali” ready for the D-day Download
24/04/2018 Quick shots at the “Gimondi” in memory of Ilario Zonca Download
17/04/2018 Registrations for the 22nd Granfondo Gimondi are still open Download
11/04/2018 The Granfondo patrol ready for the road: the “Gimondi” like no other Download
07/04/2018 (Italiano) Granfondo e sicurezza, 120 nuovi addetti per gli incroci dei tre percorsi Download
22/03/2018 The peaks of the Vuelta on 2018 Granfondo's trophy Download
16/03/2018 Granfondo & art: Bonaldi's symbolism and spirituality on show in Bergamo Download
06/03/2018 GF Gimondi brushing up Selvino climb’s challenge Download
26/02/2018 Gimondi calling for WOG gold medallists Goggia and Moioli: "The Granfondo is waiting for you” Download
19/02/2018 An extra reason to ride the “Gimondi”? Visiting Bergamo! Download
10/02/2018 (Italiano) Passione e spirito slow ride: i segreti della “Gimondi" Download
02/02/2018 Organization, course, safety: the "Gimondi" gets the full of likes Download
23/01/2018 GF Gimondi and Raffaello, perfect match in the name of Beauty Download
13/12/2017 Spain's national colors on GF Gimondi official jersey Download
30/11/2017 Gimondi bids on Froome at the Giro: "Ready for the triple crown" Download
20/10/2017 Entries to the “Spanish-style” GF Gimondi opening on November 2nd Download
04/08/2017 2018 GF Gimondi Bianchi on May 6th, in Spanish dressing Download
07/05/2017 The pink Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi ends with thriller Download
06/05/2017 A Giro d’Italia feeling at Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi Download
05/05/2017 GF Gimondi Bianchi to host Bianchi Oltre XR3 premiere Download
05/05/2017 Who will be wearing the pink jersey? Gimondi, definitely Download
02/05/2017 No, but their GF Gimondi Bianchi’s bottomless Download
28/04/2017 (Italiano) Il 7 maggio una GF Gimondi Bianchi ancora più sicura Download
18/04/2017 Gimondi in pink, the doors are still open Download
12/04/2017 Roots, tradition and international appeal: global brands join Granfondo Gimondi Download
29/03/2017 Art and bikes: Agliardi's paintings on show in Bergamo Download
22/03/2017 There is a climb for everyone at GF Gimondi Download
04/03/2017 A decade of history in the 2017 GF Gimondi Bianchi's trophy Download
14/02/2017 In memory of Pantani: Marco and other GF Gimondi’s Friends Download
28/01/2017 At GF Gimondi Bianchi short route doesn't mean easy Download
20/01/2017 GF Gimondi Bianchi joins the Shimano Challenge Circuit Download
14/01/2017 Go 'green' or get 'black' (listed) at GF Gimondi Bianchi Download
07/01/2017 Gimondi crowns Kruijswijk: “The 100th will be his Giro” Download
31/12/2016 Kruijswijk with Felice Gimondi on the Granfondo roads Download
29/12/2016 New Year's resolutions: discover GF Gimondi Bianchi and Bergamo's beauties Download
22/12/2016 GF Gimondi as a gift for who aims to feel like Felice Download
15/12/2016 The Charity Entry: a smile for children in pain Download
08/12/2016 Gimondi fairy tale relives on Granfondo official jersey Download
02/12/2016 Choose your route along the way at the Gimondi-Bianchi Download
31/10/2016 Entries to the “pink” GF Gimondi opening on November 2nd Download
25/07/2016 GF Gimondi-Bianchi in pink: see you on May 7th, 2017 Download
15/05/2016 GF Gimondi-Bianchi: a hymn to women and friendship Download
14/05/2016 A motorbike star joins GF Gimondi’s bunch Download
13/05/2016 Surprises and fun at Gimondi Village Download
12/05/2016 Mattia Casse, a downhill specialist on Gimondi’s climbs Download
11/05/2016 Puntuali and Rota’s bad luck. Gimondi: “Go, Carlo! You’ll be back with us soon Download
10/05/2016 GF Gimondi - Bianchi: le temporanee chiusure alla circolazione Download
03/05/2016 The Bianchi World gathers at GF Gimondi Bianchi Download
28/04/2016 Final call for the Jubilee Gimondi Download
14/04/2016 GF Gimondi Bianchi, 20 years young Download
07/04/2016 Bike the Nobel” testimonial Paola Gianotti special guest at GF Gimondi presentation Download
30/03/2016 Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi joins the Grand Prix Maglia Nera circuit Download
22/03/2016 Cycling and art ride aside at Granfondo Gimondi Download
01/03/2016 Moreno Argentin, 30 years as World Champion: 'Gimondi, an incredible guidance Download
29/01/2016 GF Gimondi Bianchi is taking off: an artistic jersey for the 20th anniversary Download
20/01/2016 GF Gimondi paddock to welcome children Download
15/12/2015 Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi launching on the UK marketplace Download
26/11/2015 GF Felice Gimondi, a friendly classic Download
10/11/2015 The UK is fascinated by Bergamo and its Granfondo Download
03/11/2015 Jubilee’s GF Gimondi to open registrations on November 9th Download
28/07/2015 GF Gimondi-Bianchi’s jubilee Download