Roots, tradition and international appeal: global brands join Granfondo Gimondi

The 21st Granfondo Internazionale Felice Gimondi Bianchi was unveiled in Bergamo, Italy. “Felice Gimondi in pink” is the theme of the 2017 edition, to be attended by about 4.000 participants next May 7th. New sponsor from Switzerland, Germany and Taiwan support the event, alongside the historical partners

The 21st Granfondo Internazionale Felice Gimondi Bianchi, to be held next May 7th, 2017 was unveiled today in Credito Bergamasco‘s headquarter in Bergamo, Italy. Tradition, history, roots are big themes of an event that keeps drawing more attention on the international scale, from Switzerland to Taiwan passing through Germany. “Felice Gimondi in pink” is the headline chosen by the GM Sport organizers, recalling Gimondi’s feats (3 wins and 9 podium spots over 14 participations in which he was always a finisher) at the Giro d’Italia, that celebrates its hundredth edition this year. The Champion from Sedrina is ready to live again that unforgettable feelings next May 7th, together with about 4.000 participants. “The Giro d’Italia is a dream race for Italian and non-Italian young riders – Gimondi said – and it was for me, too. I won this race three times and I’ve never withdrawn in 14 participations. My secret? Year after year, I was driven by new motivations leading me to compete at my best. I will feel the same emotions on next May 7th, when I will return to wear for a day the legendary pink jersey”.


The official presentation in the Sala Traini was the occasion to underline the loyalty of the event’s historical partners, the continuity of the established ones and the choice of those who will debut or make their return in the Gimondi Expo area. Bianchi“L’Eco di Bergamo” (media partner), SantiniFriliver Sport Dompè and Sitip have always ridden by the Granfondo’s side. The GF Gimondi Bianchi strenghens its relationships with Bianchi Industry and PMP, as well as the one with the another confirmed partner, Vittoria. Shimano‘s return to Bergamo was also gladly welcomed. The event also benefits of the financial support of the Regione Lombardia and the istitutional support of the Comune di Bergamo.


The link with the Banco BPM banking group comes from the long-time bond between the Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi and  Credito Bergamasco, incorporated into Banco BPM: the continuity in the novelty. The 2017 edition will be the first ever for Xplova (a bike computer brand founded in 2008 and acquired by Acer in 2015), Alpecin from Dr. Wolff (leader in hair products) and Swiss Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. The new sponsorships prove once again that – beyond the roots and the bond with Bergamo’s territory – the Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi can boast a growing international appeal.


Opened by the Colle dei Pasta uphill in the early race (3,4 km uphill with a 143m altitude difference, 4,2% average gradient and 12% maximum gradient), the GF Gimondi Bianchi’s short route also features the Colle del Gallo (7,5 km climb with a 6% average gradient and 12% maximum gradient, with a 445-meter altitude difference) and the Selvino (12,2 uphill to the 946-meter asl peak, with a 5,1% average gradient and 10% maximum gradient, with a 621-meter altitude difference). The 89,4-km course’s overall altitude difference is 1.400 meters, with 23,1 uphill kilometers.

In addition to the three short course’s mountains, the participants of the medium route race will tackle the Costa d’Olda and the Forcella di Bura climbs (the latter up to 884 meters asl), before the descent towards Bergamo’s finish. The overall altitude is 2.100 meters with a 33,4 km uphill. The last crossroad after 111,2 km of the medium course will divide from the other participants those stretching to the 162,1 km distance of the long route, including two more ascents in the Forcella di Brebenno (km 116,7) and the Costa Valle Imagna.

The GF Gimondi Bianchi gives you the possibility to choose your course along the way. 

Participants can register for the Granfondo Gimondi-Bianchi’s 21st edition until April 14th, by filling out the dedicated online form on the official website, or at the G.M. Sport Office in Via G. Da Campione, 24/c – 24124 Bergamo (tel. +39 035.211721 – fax + 39 035.4227971).