Grids and Start


To facilitate the start and to allow an orderly start to the race, we have set up 5 grids. No one will be allowed to enter the grid other than the one assigned. Your race number determines the starting grid. Anyone who anticipates the departure or starts without the due control located on the starting line will be considered not to have started and therefore will not appear in the official classification. Maximum sportsmanship is requested. Entry will be allowed from 6.10 to 6.50, after this time the latecomers will start from the last grid.

Top 100 finishers of 162.1 km course at 2023 BGY Airport Granfondo
Top 50 finishers of 128.8 km course at 2023 BGY Airport Granfondo
Top 25 finishers of 89.4 km course at 2023 BGY Airport Granfondo
The 18 “Puntuali” , who have taken part to all editions of BGY Airport Granfondo so far
200 women, expected amount of female participants at 2024 BGY Airport Granfondo
20 people registered through “Charity Registrations” system
186 Organisation guests (champions, challenge, notable merits, partnership guests, sponsor guests, people with disabilities, VIPs)

Total 600