All the “Puntuali” cyclists

18 “Puntuali” cyclists: those who never betray the Granfondo race

There are 18 registered cyclists who have never missed an edition of the Granfondo.

Many years have passed, but their passion and desire to attend the Granfondois the same as the first time.
We are talking about the 18 “Puntuali” cyclists.
Those cyclists who have punctually assisted at the start and finish of all the editions of the International Granfondo.
A challenge within the challenge. A record to keep with honour.
These loyal cyclists of the BGY Airport Granfondo race will be offered a spot of honour in the first grid. A precious loyalty that the Organising Committee wishes to reward, as usual.

  • Luciano ACERBIS
  • Massimo ADOBATI
  • Fabio BAGGI
  • Stefano BETTONI
  • Ivano CARSANA
  • Simone MORANDI
  • Gianfranco MORGANTI
  • Natale NAVA
  • Roberto OCCA
  • Fabio PARATI
  • Fabio PEREGO
  • Stefano PESENTI
  • Lino POLOGNA
  • Romano SALA
  • Simone STRADA
  • Stefano TESTA