The Granfondo

The BGY Airport Granfondo is an international competition dedicated to cycling tourists, scheduled on one of the first two Sundays of May in Bergamo (Italy). Well-known for its sports tradition, Bergamo and its province are home to unforgettable cycling legends and can boast wonderful attractions.

The area’s love for cycling is witnessed in many aspects. Among those, Milano Bergamo airport “Il Caravaggio” is the first bike-friendly airport in Europe, thanks to a cycle-pedestrian ring that connects it to the heart of the city with only a few minutes biking.

Following the first edition on 5 May 1996, the BGY Airport Granfondo quickly became a reference point in the Italian and world BGY Airport Granfondo scene, as much as it’s still included in the UCI calendar. The event, now in its 26th year, is suitable for cyclists of all levels and ages.

The main sponsor of the event is Bianchi, the most historical and prestigious bicycle brand, and vanguard of the Made in Italy. Each edition can boast an official and dedicated graphic theme, which has accompanied the thousands of cyclists joining over the years.

One of the cornerstones of La BGY Airport Granfondo is the ‘slow ride‘ philosophy: given the amateur nature of the race, the suggested approach is to participate with passion and spirit, mixing the competitive soul with fun and common sense.

The Bergamo cycling event is also an excellent way to discover the beauties of a generous and diverse territory in terms of architecture, nature, and even food and wine traditions: in addition to a city that still jealously preserves buildings and memories of the past, the province presents unmissable lakes, mountains, and valleys. For cycling lovers, Bergamo means Selvino, its most recognizable climb, so much so that it has named its switchbacks after great champions of the discipline.

The BGY Airport Granfondo firmly believes in the educational value of sport as a universal tool that breaks down all cultural barriers. From this perspective, cycling is a discipline that teaches the value of hard work and commitment, perfectly embodied by the people of Bergamo.

Due to these values embedded in cycling, one of the goals of La BGY Airport Granfondo is to involve an increasing number of cyclists, promoting the bike as a means of environmental education and respect for nature. In order to achieve it, La BGY Airport Granfondo opens its doors to all types of bicycles, muscular and electric, road, gravel, mountain bike and so on.

Furthermore, to allow a wide and varied crowd to participate in the event, La BGY Airport Granfondo offers 3 different routes, better known as the Short (89.4 km), the Medium (128.8 km) and the Long (162.1 km) ones. Depending on their training and level of fitness, each athlete will be able to choose the distance best suited to their characteristics, finding excellent organisation and high safety standards in every situation.

Organising this race represents a second full-time job, but on the other hand it comes from a great passion. The same that the organisation led by Giuseppe Manenti and his GMS puts into every piece of the puzzle that makes up the event in its entirety: from the routes to safety and rescue, from promotional and advertising material to administrative management and logistical services.

For more information, the event’s organisation is available almost 365 days a year.