GF Internazionale Gimondi Bianchi lives the yellow fever

Despite the registrations being closed, there are lot of requests with three days to go until the start of the race: “A touch of incredible passion, but please do not insist, there are no more places”

The yellow fever is on for the Granfondo Internazionale Gimondi-Bianchi: we are less than three days from the start of this huge event dedicated to Felice Gimondi’s 50 years of yellow jersey at 1965 Tour de France. The 19th edition has everything it takes to be special and truly global, with participants from 30 nations at the start. There’s also the simultaneous celebration of 130 years since Bianchi, the main sponsor, was created, thus giving the event an even more festive atmosphere.

In the province of Bergamo, everyone is getting ready for Sunday’s event. At the headquarters of GM Sport, the phone is ringing continously, more than it usually does. “We have announced that the registration is definitively closed, but it seems that there was an opposite effect. We are literally overwhelmed by requests that we can’t meet. – said Giuseppe Manenti, head of the organization – It’s difficult for us to disappoint so many fans, who unfortunately came at the last minute, but I really can’t make any exceptions.

After the promising return of 2014, following a year of forced break, the Granfondo Gimondi-Bianchi is now back on the international scene of Gran Fondos as one of the top events for those whose desire is to be part of a spectacular race, one which has an outstanding level of organization, worthy of a big professional race. “Even during the winter – says Manenti – we received a great deal of interest for our event. The charisma of Felice Gimondi is still unchanged after 50 years and we had enough proof while promoting the event in our European tours.

There is also a high level of interest from the international media. On Saturday, the press center will stay open from 12 am to “Lazzaretto”, near the stadium of Bergamo, where at this time the Expo is taking shape and where the participants will gather once their effort is over. The weather forecast for Sunday says it will be sunny: fortune definitively looks at 2015 Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi 2015 side.