Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi stronger than cold and snow

Inclement weather conditions have been the hallmark of the massive cycling event’s 23rd edition held in Bergamo, won by Federico Brevi and Ilaria Lombardo

In the name of the “magnificent 7” winners of the three grand tours, the Granfondo Gimondi Bianchi 23rd edition held today in Bergamo will be recorded as one of the less fortunate in a weather-perspective. The last time with the rain had been in 2012, when the long course was banned (as well as in the previous year), while also the medium one was unavailable this time. “Such a bad weather was unpredictable in May, but we did our best to carry out a safe and regular race – the organizer Giuseppe Manenti explained -. We regret for the cold suffered by the riders, however we believe any our decision was taken with accuracy and good faith”.

Only part of the 4.065 enrolled riders moved from Bergamo (with Felice Gimondi and the Mayor Giorgio Gori as starters) to tackle the shortest 89,4-km path including Colle del Pasta, Colle del Gallo and Selvino (temperature of 3°on top this morning). In spite of unfavourable weather conditions, the snowfall on Selvino took all by surprise, while the organizers bringing relief to some 50 frozen riders on top, redirecting the back of the bunch towards Bergamo.

Federico Brevi, a 32-year-old worker born in Bergamo but living in Tirano, claimed the win clocking 2h29.29, ahead of Germany’s Maximilian Hornung, heading a pharmaceutical laboratory nearby Frankfurt. Third spot for Bergamo’s Luca Cantini.

In the women’s race, Ilaria Lombardo, 49-year-old advertising agent from Parma, scored her fourth win on via Marzabotto’s finish, while runner-up Aisling Flanagan from Ireland was disqualified for transponsder’s wrong set-up on her bike. As a consequence, Barbara Zambotti and Erika Natati, second and third respectively, rounded out the podium.

Bergamo (Italy), 5th May 2019