Regulation 2023

G.M.S. convenes and organizes the Granfondo, under the aegis of International Cycling Union and Italian Cycling Federation. The race will take place on Sunday May 14th, 2023 in Bergamo and it is included in the International Cycling Union (UCI) and Italian Cycling Federation (FCI) national calendar.


Is open to all male and female riders aged 18 who are UCI – FCI members and to Institutions of Sport Promotion that have signed the agreement with the UCI – FCI for the year 2023.

The entry is also subjected to the following conditions:

– Athletes registered with a UCI license must provide Medical certificate of physical eligibility for cycling sport activity (certificates for other types of sports such as triathlon, duathlon, athletics, etc. are not accepted).

– Foreign riders without a UCI license must submit a medical certificate in English language attesting the eligibility in participating to a competitive cycling race. The certificate has to be submitted within Friday 21st April, 2023 and can be issued by a medical officer in the country of residence of the athlete (also in english language).

– Data Health logo license can be sent instead of the medical certificate. However, the license has to mention the expiry date of the certificate of attitude for competitive cycling race.

The Organizing Committee may decide whether to accept or refuse any entry of a rider who can damage the image of the event.

Participation procedure for retired agonists: retired racers such as former Professionals elite riders and former Under 23 riders in the 2 years following their last enrollment in the category, can be admitted exclusively for promotional purposes and are subjected to invitation of the Organizing Committee. These athletes will not be classified (please see UCI-FCI – Implementing Regulations).


Subscribing and sending the registration form the racer self-certifies the non-existence of sports, civil and/or criminal sanctions, even if already served, for facts related to doping and declares that he has not taken – and not to take – substances included in the anti-doping list of World Antidoping Agency (WADA). Any false self-certificate will be prosecuted according to the Law.


Riders without a license card are allowed to participate by subscribing a daily UCI-FCI Card at the cost of 10.00€; the daily card has to be requested contextually with registration; the card regulates the athlete’s status, ensuring to the athlete the multi-risk + third party civil insurance foreseen for annual members, limitedly to the day on which it is used. In order to obtain the Daily Card, whatever route is chosen and according to UCI-FCI 2023 Regulation, the rider has to provide a valid Medical Certificate attesting the physical eligibility for cycling sport activity (certificates for other types of sports such as triathlon, duathlon, athletics, etc. are not accepted).


Granfondo offers three possible routes: 89.4 km, 128.8 km, 162.1 km. Participants are free to select the suited route up to their ability, also during the course of the event, according to their own judgement.

Between the car opening the race (“INIZIO GARA CICLISTICA”) and the one closing the race (“FINE GARA CICLISTICA”) any vehicle is admitted to follow the race; Technical assistance by private vehicles is strictly prohibited under the penalty of disqualification of the athlete. Moreover, in case of accidents or damages during the race to regularly enrolled riders, the responsible persons will be pursued by the law.


Has to be filled in all parts paying attention to the date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY), current address, mobile telephone number, email address, etc. Please consider that complete data may help the organizers to manage properly any emergency and establish fast communications.


Open on November 15th, 2022 and they can be done directly to the Organizing Committee’s office (G.M.S. asd – Via G. Da Campione, 24/c 24124 Bergamo Italy) or filling the entry form and sending it with the following payment modalities:

  1. By wire transfer to Banco BPM – Largo Porta Nuova, 24100 Bergamo (Italy) – IBAN: IT53U 05034 11121 0000000 26564 (BIC/SWIFT for international wire transfers: BAPPIT21AA1) registered to G.M.S. asd – Via G. Da Campione, 24/c – 24124 Bergamo – Italy – For payments with bank transfer, please specify the general details of the registered cyclist or cyclists.

  1. By credit card entering the official website of and selecting “online application”.

Payment receipt must be attached to the application form otherwise the registration will not be considered acceptable. Entry form allows the organizer or whoever on his behalf, to assume information (also sensible data) through the competent authority when needed. Such data will be used only to inform relatives.


is on Friday, 21st April 2023 unless otherwise decided by the Organizing Committee.


Euro 45,00. It includes: back and front race numbers, official magazine, general information, membership fee, timing service, souvenir medal (delivered after the finish), diploma (to download and print from the official web site), pasta-party voucher for the rider and his attendant, medical assistance, technical assistance (no repair parts), massages, refreshments, showers, bicycle parking at arrival, final refreshments, score sent by SMS and e-mail.

Euro 90,00. In addition to the above, the fee includes the official jersey Granfondo produced by Santini Sports factory, short sleeve, with exclusive “Granfondo” limited edition design.


Registration fees are not refundable. However, if a participant can not take part at the race, he can forward his subscription to another person just paying  10.00 extra charge as administrative fee. The change has to be done within Friday, 21st April 2023. The substitute has to produce all personal information regarding his membership card and medical certificate. If the race should be cancelled for any unpredictable reasons (calamity, authorizations’ suspension), the entry fee payment is not refundable.


At Expo Village – Lazzaretto – Piazzale Goisis – Gewiss Stadium (please show the payment receipt) on Saturday 13th May, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. If teams have submitted a unique registration for all its athletes, the team leader can collect the numbers exhibiting the list of riders and the payment receipt. Race numbers for groups of 10 or more riders will be packed all together in order to facilitate the delivery. No race numbers and packages will be delivered on Sunday morning.


Cannot be altered, penalty the ban of the athlete. Please fill carefully the back number with all requested details. The correct pathology or intolerance suffered by the rider may help the doctors and the Organizing Committee to handle properly any emergency.


Every enrolled rider is responsible for his front and back number because it represents the only document to participate to the race and have access to any service listed in this regulation. Whoever will take part to the event without being registered, with altered race number or without race number will be considered responsible in case of damages to persons or properties, himself included and he/she will incur to civil and penal sanction according to the law.


Riders admitted to the first grid are: all women, guests of the Organizing Committee, the 21 “on-time” (habituèes) riders, the first 100 athletes ranked in the edition of 2022, the first 100 athletes ranked of the 162.1 km course, the first 50 athletes ranked of 128.8 km course and the first 25 athletes ranked of 89.4 km course (if duly registered within Friday 21st April, 2023). The other grids will refer to the registration date. In case the registration deadline will be extended, riders will be admitted to the race only according to their registration date.


Is allowed from 6:10 to 6:50 a.m. (stragglers will start in the last grid). Please strictly comply with the assigned grids. G.M.S. reserves the right to disqualify anyone who doesn’t start from the assigned grid and who doesn’t follow the instructions of staff people responsible of the grids.


The race will start at 7:00 a.m. from Via Marzabotto, the road next to “Lazzaretto” – Gewiss stadium.


“Official Timing Winning Time” is the company in charge of timing service. Timing and ranking processing system is based on an active transponder (chip). Each rider has to be equipped with a valid personal chip or with a rental daily chip. All necessary information and details about the use of the chip will be posted on the website www.winning Failure in using the chip or its not proper use will cause the rider not to be timed nor to be listed in the ranking.


Within 2:30 p.m. for 162.1 km course (7:30 h.); within 1.00 p.m. for 128.8 km course (6:00 h.); within 12.00 p.m. for 89.4 km course (5:00 h.).


There are 3 checkpoint gates: the first one at Nembro turnoff to Selvino (km 44). All riders arriving after 9:30 a.m. will be diverted to Bergamo; the second one at Ambria crossroads (km 71.4). All riders arriving after 10:45 p.m. will be diverted to the 89.4 km course; the third one at Val Brembilla crossroads (km 111.2). All riders arriving after 11:45 a.m. will be diverted to the 128.8 km course.


After the finish line riders will be invited to enter in aisles in order to get the medal and have access to the final refreshment area. Medical service is located inside “Lazzaretto” area.


The Granfondo is a Competitive Cycling event and all participant must respect the rules of road.


All the participants that are overcome by the car with the banner “FINE GARA CICLISTICA” (equipped with two yellow/ orange flashing lights and a fluorescent orange ag) will continue the race as cycle tourists, keeping the back number and respecting the Road Code.


Broom vehicles will follow the race in the rear to pick up withdrawn athletes with their bikes so to transfer them to the arrival area


No vehicle (cars, motorbikes, scooters, etc.) is allowed to follow the riders, penalty the immediate disqualification of the rider.


The use of helmet is strictly mandatory during the race.


All participants must bring with them the following equipment:

– a tool-kit to change a tire (or tubular) and a spare tube (or tubular).

– a spare inner tube (or tubular);

– an inflating pump (or spray) for wheels;

– suitable clothing and a windproof/rain jacket.


Awarded athletes will be the first 3 ranked/winners (men and women) in the 162.1 km, 128.8 km and 89.4 km courses. Athletes must join the stage within 10 minutes from their arrival. Riders are kindly requested to dress their competition suit with no further clothing and behave with dignity. Athletes not attending the ceremony, being late or not sticking the rules will be definitively banned from a y future edition of the race.


Partial and final time will be available in real-time on web site Classification and customized diplomas are available for free on the official website Claims for any change or amendments in the ranking have to be sent by mail at the

e-mail address within 26th May, 2023. After this date the ranking will be official and any amendments will be possible.


Is strictly forbidden by private cars and it is not authorized by the Organizing Committee.


And First Aid on the road and at the starting/finishing area is assured by Organizing Committee without any responsibility.


The transit at checkpoints on the route and at starting area is mandatory. Anyone starting before the official starting signal is given, or whose start is not registered by the officials starting line, shall be considered a non-starter (DNS) and removed from the finishing order.


There is only an overall classification of the three courses (Men and Women). Unofficial classification by UCI-FCI category will be issued for each of three courses. Delivered awards will be permanent and in case of post-event disqualification of the awarded racer, any other athlete can claim for a further prize.


Will be given to the first 3 riders (men and women) of each course. There will be also 100 drawing prizes for all the participants.


5 drawing teams among all registered teams.


Force major events, unforeseeable circumstances, or any other occurrences beyond the control of the organizers can determinate the cancellation of the event.

  1. atmospheric events, including, for example, snow, hail, storms, ice on the road, or any other weather-related conditions that make unsafe and impossible to hold the race;
  2. disastrous events such as, for example, earthquakes, floods large fires or natural or human-caused disasters. An event causing harm to one or more participants.
  3. Provisions or instructions from the Public Authorities, i.e.cycling promotion bodies or sports federations;
  4. Any other cause or event not imputable to the organizer, that make necessary to cancel the event;
  5. A cause or event not attributable to the organizer is any fact or event of natural or human-caused origin that does not depend on the organizer’s intent or any intentional misconduct or negligence of the organizer.

– The organizer will notify the cancellation of the event by e-mail to the address provided at the registration, or only through social media channels, in the shortest possible time, in order to promptly inform the athletes and so to minimize any inconvenience.

– Where possible and in the absence of risky conditions, the organizer shall postpone the event to another date providing timely notice to the participants.

– It is to be understood that the organizer has the right, should the appropriate conditions exist, to allow the event to be held changing the planner route in order to avoid any dangerous situations for the participants.

– If it is impossible to hold the event, for any of the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the registration fee will not be refunded.


Signing the entry form the participants authorize the organizer to freely use any still or moving personal images of the athlete taken during the Granfondo. The authorization for the use of photographic materials is not bound by any time or geographic limits worldwide, and images can be used in publications and films including promotional material and/or publicity usable with any support. Furthermore, the Organization can cede to third parties, who may be its institutional or commercial partners, the right of use of images as foreseen in this agreement.


Any claim has to be sent to the Jury in due time and has to be submitted with a FCI claim fee.

WEB SITE is the official media of the event Any official communication or change of date will be posted on the web site.


By subscribing to the Granfondo, the athlete declares to know and to entirely accept the Regulation of the race published on official web site and according to current UCI and FCI regulations. He/She declares to possess the medical certificate of physical eligibility still valid on 14th May, 2023 (the medical certificate must not be dated more than one year prior the date of the event) and to be aware of the facts that participating in any sport events in general is a potentially risky activity. The athlete also declares having entered the race consciously and assuming responsibility for all risks arising from his/her participation like falls, contacts with vehicles, other participants, spectators or otherwise, any weather conditions, traffic and road conditions, any type of risk well-known and well evaluated. By submitting the entry application, the athlete, for him/herself and on behalf of anyone else, waives the G.M.S. Asd, the Promoters, the Municipality of Bergamo and all municipalities involved, Bergamo Province, Lombardia Regional Administration, all the sponsors, the representatives, successors, officers directors, members, agents and employees of the companies mentioned above, from all present and future claims for liability of any kind, known or unknown, deriving from the athlete participation in the event. Once my Granfondo application is accepted, the entry fee is not refundable also in case of withdrawal. The athlete releases his/her profitless authorization to all above listed subjects to use any photo, video, tape concerning his/her participation at the event issue by any web sites or wherever else for all legal purposes” in accordance with GDPR 679/2016.


By registering with Granfondo the athlete declares: to know in their entirety and to accept these regulations; to exempt the organizers, sponsors, the federation, the GGG (Group of Competition Judges) and the media partners, from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damages to persons and / or things caused by him or traced to him; to be physically eligible for the characteristics of the event; to register voluntarily; to be aware that the event takes place on the streets of the city; to be aware that, being a competitive race under the aegis of UCI-FCI, he must be in possession of the requirements requested by the Federation; to take all risks deriving from his participation in the event such as falls, contact with other participants, spectators, vehicles or other contacts, hot / cold weather conditions, rain / wet conditions, traffic and road conditions, that any risk is well-known and evaluated by him / her. Athletes participating to the race must comply with the rules of the Road Code.

In relation to the information notice according to article 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016, the competitor declares to have viewed the said privacy policy and to have understood its contents, the purposes, the methods of processing in compliance with current legislation and the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and confidentialit. He/She declares to have been informed of the compulsory nature of the consent to the related processing for the specified purposes, including the possibility that his/her data will be also process and transmitted to third parties that offer services connected and linked to the Granfondo. The athlete is also informed of the privacy rights granted to him/her and of the right to withdraw consent to the processing of his/her personal data, at any time, sending written notice to G.M.S. asd, Via G.da Campione 24/c 24124 Bergamo, e-mail:


The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify the current regulation at any time and for any reason the Committee deems appropriate for a better development of the race. As far as not included in this regulation, UCI and FCI technical rules stay in force. Any change applied to service, places and time schedules will be suitably communicated to the athletes and posted on official web site. The organizer will deliver all necessary info of the race together with package and race number.


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