42 from Sweden to discover the BGY Airport Granfondo

The BGY Airport Granfondo will return to colour the streets of the city and province of Bergamo on Sunday 5 May 2024.

Among the thousands of registered participants, coming from all over Italy and also from abroad, also thanks to the capillary and convenient air connections offered by Milan Bergamo Airport, a group of no less than 42 Swedish cyclists who have decided to take part in the event as a group stands out.

They will be 34 men and 8 women, passionate cyclists. Some of them have already been to Bergamo for business, but for all of them it will be the first time they experience the city on a bicycle.

A representative of the group from Sweden explained: “Last year with a large group we participated in the Vätternrundan, a cycling event in Sweden. This year we wanted to take it to the next level and organise a group trip abroad. And of course we wanted to go to a country where you can breathe cycling and espresso coffee! – said – we chose Bergamo because we think it is a beautiful area for cycling, rich in history and with magnificent landscapes”.

The initiators of this team are Jan Karlsson and Sofie Fåglum, owners of a bicycle shop called Racerdepån in Falköping, Sweden. They formed this team called Team Racerdepån, which includes the 42 people who will participate in the upcoming BGY Airport Granfondo. And the organizing committee is obviously delighted to welcome them.

Also part of the group are a number of former professional cyclists who have stayed on to work in the world of cycling. Notable in the group are Jan Karlsson who is a former Olympian in the 1980s; Göran Lennartsson who took third place in his age group in last year’s Gravel VM; and Sofie Fåglum, daughter of one of the four Fåglum brothers, who were active in the 1960s-1970s and also raced for Italian professional teams such as Ferretti, Scic and Magniflex.



It is still possible to register for the BGY Airport Granfondo while race packs last, using the appropriate forms on the event’s official website www.granfondobgy.it, or at the organisational office of GMS, in Via G. Da Campione, 24/c – 24124 Bergamo (tel.+39 035.211721).