Solidarity on the bike

In 25 years of collaboration, many projects of Associazione Amici del Cuore O.N.L.U.S have been carried forward, raising a total of 100,000 Euros.

GMS’s commitment in the field of solidarity continues to beat the record. Collaboration with Associazione Amici del Cuore O.N.L.U.S of Torre Boldone (BG), continued uninterruptedly for 25 years, already seemed something exceptional in 2006 when GMS asd reached 50,000 Euros, but in six years the organization from Bergamo was able to achieve even more, and today it celebrated the important goal of 100,000 Euros donated to charity from 1999 to today.

Every year, the Amici del Cuore association organises the Pasta Party and the Nutella Party for the BGY Airport Granfondo in Bergamo and also for the La Dario Acquaroli international MTB competition in Iseo (BS), while GMS, in turn, donates significant sums to numerous solidarity projects promoted and supported by the same association. A formal act that, in addition to underscoring the significant amount raised, wishes to exalt above all, and once more, how sport and entertainment can become an effective tool in promoting solidarity.