Editions & jerseys

1ast Edition 05/05/1996 Tour de l’Avenir 1964
2and Edition 11/05/1997 Tour de France 1965
3ard Edition 10/05/1998 Giro d’Italia 1967
4ath Edition 09/05/1999 Vuelta España 1968
5ath Edition 07/05/2000 Campionato del mondo Barcellona 1973
6ath Edition 13/05/2001 Campionato Italiano - Giro della Romagna 1968
7ath Edition 12/05/2002 Tour de Romandie 1969
8ath Edition 11/05/2003 Paris - Roubaix 1966
9ath Edition 09/05/2004 Giro di Lombardia 1966
10ath Edition 15/05/2005 Decennale
11ath Edition 07/05/2006 Milano - Sanremo 1974
12ath Edition 13/05/2007 Salvarani 1965 - 1972
13ath Edition 11/05/2008 G. Prix de Nations 1967
14ath Edition 17/05/2009 52me Paris - Bruxelles 1966
15ath Edition 25/04/2010 Quindicennio della Felice Gimondi
16ath Edition 15/05/2001 Campionato Italiano - Giro dell’Appennino 1972
17ath Edition 13/05/2012 Bianchi - Campagnolo 1973 -1976
18ath Edition 04/05/2014 Maglia Azzurra - Campionato del Mondo di Barcellona 1973
19ath Edition 10/05/2015 1965 - 2015, 50 years from the victory at the Tour de France
20ath Edition 15/05/2016 20 Years Anniversary
21ast Edition 07/05/2017 Felice in pink
22and Edition 06/05/2018 Remembering the Vuelta
23ard Edition 05/05/2019 Tribute to the Magnificent 7
24ath Edition 08/05/2022 U.S. Sedrinese 1960-1964
25ath Edition 14/05/2023 Bergamo Brescia 2023 - Capitale Italiana della Cultura

1ast Edition: Tour de l’Avenir 1964

  • Sunday 5 May 1996 the International Milano Bergamo Airport Granfondo saw the light, with start and arrival in the city of Bergamo.
  • It consists of three itineraries: the main one is 165 km, with an overall slope of 2,620 metres, a 23 km climb and 6 great mountain prizes, to cover within 9 hours. The itinerary of medium length is 134 km, while the short one is 95 km.
  • Each edition celebrates a victory of Felice Gimondi’s career: it begins with the victory at “Tour de l’Avenir” in 1964.
  • 3,069 athletes line up at the starting point.
  • All participants are given a woollen jersey like the one worn by Felice Gimondi when he won the Tour de l’Avenir in 1964 and a race certificate signed by Bergamo’s champion.
  • Argentinian Guillermo Moreu won the long itinerary, outsprinting Fabrizio Vitali and Tiziano Benedetti. Giuseppe Maffioletti, Franco Patelli and Alfio Zanchi arrive in this order in the medium distance (134 km). Maria Canins ranks first in the women’s classification.
  • Champions attending the race: Lucien Aimar, Francesco Moser, Gianni Motta, Giuseppe Saronni, Mino Denti (1966), G.B. Baronchelli, Italo Zilioni.
  • The event was organized by Speedy Sport.

2and Edition: Tour de France 1965

  • Scheduled for May 11th, the second edition commemorates the victory of Felice Gimondi in the Tour de France (1965).
  • There are three itineraries of 95 km, 135 km and 165 km.
  • Over 4,300 people registered, among whom 86 women.
  • Foreign athletes take part in the event, representing Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland.
  • In first row, in addition to the champion from Bergamo, there are Bernard Thevenet, Johan De Muynck, Roger De Wlaeminck, Francesco Moser, G.B. Baronchelli, Gianni Motta, Italo Zilioli and Roberto Visentini.
  • G.B. Baronchelli wins the short itinerary registering a time of 2:36:11. Felice Gimondi ends the race in 3:09:57 together with Johan De Muynck and Roberto Visentini.
  • The 165 km race is won by Alessandro Paganessi, followed by Silvano Janes and Tiziano Benedetti.
  • In the women’s category, Maria Canins ranked in 118th place, in the absolute classification.

3ard Edition: Giro d’Italia 1967

  • The International Gran Fondo, scheduled for May 10th, changes name and becomes the 3rdInternational Gran Fondo – Bianchi Day: a special classification is drawn for athletes participating with a Bianchi bicycle. The first three winners of the Gran Fondo itinerary will be awarded a prize.
  • “Trofeo Bianchi Day” was introduced to award a prize to the athlete making the best time in the Nembro – Selvino uphill time trial.
  • From Thursday May 7th to Saturday May 9th, the meeting point is located in the grounds of Starhotel Cristallo Palace in Bergamo, where athletes, journalists, authorities and VIPs gather. The exhibition is located outside the hotel, with stands of partner companies.
  • Over 4,200 cyclists are present to celebrate Felice Gimondi’s victory at Giro d’Italia (1967).
  • Champions at the start: Ercole Baldini, Arnaldo Pambianco, Franco Balmamion, Vittorio Adorni, Gianni Motta, Fausto Bertoglio, Giuseppe Saronni, Giovanni Battaglin, Francesco Moser and G.B. Baronchelli.

4ath Edition: Vuelta España 1968

  • On 9 May 1999 the 4th edition of the International Gran Fondo took place, seeing the debut of a new Organizing Committee (G.M.Sport).
  • The commemorative jersey is dedicated to Felice Gimondi’s victory at Vuelta España in 1968.
  • A commemorative medal designed by the renowned sculptor and goldsmith Antonino Rando is awarded to all those making it to the finishing line.
  • A permanent structure was built in the Lazzaretto in Bergamo, open all year round during business hours.
  • The Exhibition and the meeting point in which to pick up the race kits are located in the grounds of Starhotel Cristallo Palace in Bergamo. The area reserved to the Museo della Bicicletta di Felice Gimondi is of particular interest.
  • The mechanical assistance points were increased from 5 to 8, with greater focus on signs: for the long itinerary, signs with yellow background and blue writings; medium itinerary, yellow background and red writing; short itinerary, yellow background and green writings.
  • The 1st Journalistic Prize “Pedalando con Gimondi, Felice di scriverlo” was instated, destined to the ‘’best published article or radio-television service broadcast on the theme of amateur cycling competitions, as an occasion to share with others a day of passion, fatigue and amusement’’. A Bianchi racing frame is the prize.
  • Almost 3,000 registered people.
  • At the start, by the side of Bergamo’s champion there are the Italian winners of the Spanish classification Angelo Contorno (1956) and Marco Giovannetti (1990), in addition to Gianni Bugno, Stefania Belmondo, Italo Zilioli, Gianni Motta, Fabio Biasiolo (finisher at RAAM, Race Across America), Davide Cassani, Giovanni Bruno and Monica Bonfanti (Italian Duathlon champion).
  • The short itinerary was won by Valentino Paolazzi who outsprinted Daniele Pontoni and Riccardo Magnocavallo. In the women’s category, net victory of the Ukrainian national race with athletes Yuliya Murenka, Larysa Martson and Olga Svyrrshchuk. The medium itinerary was won by Tiziano Benedetti, followed by Franco Righi and Luigino Spirito, while the women’s race was won again by Ukrainian Tatiana Stiajkina, followed by Yeugenia Vysotsoka and Monica Cantarini. Stefano Girardi won the long itinerary, beating Simone Biasci and Alessandro Checuz. In the women’s category, Enrica Testori won over Silvia Cugini and Paola De Paoli.

5ath Edition: Campionato del mondo Barcellona 1973

  • From January 1st, the headquarters of the Organizing Committee moved to Via Giovanni da Campione 24/B, Bergamo.
  • World champion jersey for the commemoration of Barcelona World Championship (1973).
  • At 9:00 a.m. on Friday May 5th, Expovillage was opened inside Lazzaretto in Bergamo. Over 4,000 square metres available for firms to promote their products.
  • Saturday May 6th, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, the first Nutella Party is held.
  • At refreshment points, the cyclists are accompanied by the music played by Ass. Bergamasca Bande Musicali.
  • Special treatment for women: free admission, personalized race bib, Bracco beauty products, red rose at arrival.
  • Eight mechanical assistance points for the race of May 7th, located in such a way that no cyclists has to travel more than 10 km before being assisted.
  • Five MAVIC vehicles intended for mobile mechanical assistance along the three itineraries.
  • Gianluca Donato won the first edition of the Journalistic prize “Pedalando con Gimondi, Felice di scriverlo” thanks to the article published in Ciclismo (June 1999). The prize, a Bianchi frame, was presented to the winner directly by Felice Gimondi.
  • The International Gran Fondo becomes part of UCI’s GoldenBike circuit, which consists of other 6 international races.
  • The 5th edition is also valid as “1st Campionato Italiano Forense di Granfondo”: lawyers, notaries, and magistrates compete in the Italian specialty.
  • Deejays, hostesses and promoters of RTL 102.5, official radio of the event, entertain athletes, friends and family members.
  • On occasion of the Granfondo, awards are given to the best athletes of the Italian Ranking of Nordic Ski – Madshus Trophie.
  • All those who make it to the finishing line receive the gift of a medal commemorating Gimondi’s victory at the World Championship, created by Master Sculptor Antonino Rando.
  • Guests at the start: Ercole Baldini, Vittorio Adorni, Francesco Moser, Maurizio Fondriest, Gianni Bugno, Paola Giacomelli (Miss Cinema 99 and finalist at Miss Italia competition (1999), Paolo Brosio, Davide Cassani, Michele Dancelli, Giambattista Baronchelli, Yves Hesard, Beppe Guerini and Giovanni Bruno.
  • 3,500 cyclists at the start.
  • Victory of ex pro Stefano Girali in the long itinerary, and Florinda Neri in the women’s category.

6ath Edition: Campionato Italiano - Giro della Romagna 1968

  • On May 13th, the 6th edition started, dedicated to Gimondi’s victory as Italian champion of cycling on road (Lugo di Romagna, 1968).
  • The number of mechanical assistance points on the road were increased from 8 to 10, and also the physiotherapists for free massage on arrival.
  • “Real time” is introduced, an antenna at the start to register the actual race time.
  • A wellness area is introduced in each of the 5 refreshment points, where cyclists can relax under the expert hands of two masseurs.
  • There is also an Infopoint, open throughout the event, identified by a large inflatable gazebo.
  • While training, Marco Pantani, with team mates Brignoli, Velo and Savoldi, and Martinelli – technical manager of Mercatone Uno – test the long itinerary of the International Gran Fondo.
  • 165 the faithful participants who concluded all previous past editions and take part at the start again this year.
  • The trophy conceived by sculptor Rando reproduces a three-colour jersey standing over a number of bicycle wheels, one of which advances … the winner.
  • Reconfirmed the presence of the Granfondo on the international UCI’s Golden Bike circuit.
  • Donatella Tiraboschi wins the journalistic prize “Pedalando con Gimondi, Felice di scriverlo” thanks to article “Tutti vincitori alla festa di Felice “published in L’Eco of Bergamo the day after the race. She won a Bianchi bicycle, awarded by Felice Gimondi.
  • As guests, the champions that in the past wore the three-colour jersey: Michele Dancelli, Franco Bitossi, Claudio Corti, Gianni Bugno. Gianni Motta, Italo Zilioli, Davide Cassani, Giambattista Baronchelli, Giovanni Bruno and miss Paola Giacomelli were also attending.
  • At the start, among the 4,200 participants, there were also the delegations of two important amateur races: the organizers of Cape Argus Pick’n Pay Cycle Tour (South Africa) and Quebrantahuesos (Spain).
  • The men’s podium of the short 95-km itinerary was occupied by Remo Mazzoleni (Breviario Team) with team mate Giorgio Quaglia in second place, and third Giorgio Federici (Punto Pesenti team). In the women’s category, Luisa Palagi of Schiavetti Ferrari ranked first, followed by Paola Bonacina (GS Pavan Free Bike) and Maria Savoldelli of GS Aspiratori Otelli.
  • The medium itinerary was won by Maurizio Cacciaguerra, while the second and third place were won by Daniele De Beni and Fabio Montagna. In the women’s category, the victory of Helga Faccin with a lead of over 12 minutes on Alessandra Perbellini and 18 minutes over Caterina Dal Santo.
  • Andrea Paluan won the Gran Fondo, outsprinting Mauro Mondani and Francesco Bondi. Obvious victory for Raffaella Romani, followed by Tiziana Smorgon and Laura Ranieri.

7ath Edition: Tour de Romandie 1969

  • The seventh edition commemorates Gimondi’s victory in the Tour de Romandie (1969), with the creation of the green jersey for the winner.
  • Golden Bike, the international Granfondo circuit to which the Gimondi is part, extends to eleven races.
  • “Old faithfuls” are handed a special light blue race bib and a starting grid behind the first.
  • Confirmed free admission for women.
  • A special classification is drawn up, to award the 5 companies obtaining most winners in the 3 itineraries.
  • A staff of hairdressers and opticians for the cyclists are present from the afternoon of Friday May 10th at Lazzaretto, headquarters of the event.
  • Inspection of the route by Felice Gimondi and the athletes of the German professional Coast team, under the guidance of the Spanish team manager Juan Fernandez.
  • With his article “Una gran fondo felicissima!”, Luca Alladio, correspondent of Granfondo magazine, won the journalistic prize “Pedalando con Gimondi, Felice di scriverlo” (2001 edition).
  • Coppa della Stampa di granfondo reserved to journalists (freelance journalists and professionals) was awarded on May 12th at the International Gran Fondo.
  • MIC-Shimano Challenge Road 2002 was created, the circuit that includes five among the most representative amateur cycling events, among which the GF.
  • 5 different race bibs identify classes of competitors: white for champions, VIPS, guests and best of the previous edition, green for journalists registered at Coppa della Stampa, pink for women, light blue for faithful cyclists and yellow for all the others.
  • At the start, Gimondi’s opponents who won Tour de Romandie at least once: Gianni Motta, Giambattista Baronchelli and Pascal Richard.
  • Among the guests there are also Franco Battaini, Aprilia 250 racer and Dorina Vaccaroni, fencing champion.
  • 4,500 athletes at the starting line.
  • After the victories of 1999 and 2000, Stefano Girardi also wins the 2002 edition, beating Alfonso Falzarano and David Tani. In the women’s category, net victory of Monica Bandini, followed by Tiziana Smorgon and Sarah Palfrader.
  • In the short itinerary, victory of Giorgio Federici and Daniela Bresciani, while the medium itinerary sees on the podium Daniele De Beni and Carla Ciaudano.
  • All the winners set new records for the single itineraries.

8ath Edition: Paris - Roubaix 1966

  • The eight edition, scheduled for May 11th, is part of the Golden Bike international circuit.
  • Raffaele Sala wins prize “Pedalando con Gimondi, Felice di scriverlo” thanks to his article “Le vecchie glorie del giro per festeggiare Gimondi” published in Il Corriere della Sera.
  • Gimondi’s victory at Paris Roubaix in 1966 is commemorated and celebrated with the new edition of the light blue jersey with a white band and race logo on the left side.
  • Some numbers of the race: 16 Italian regions present, 61 provinces of origin, 625 volunteers, 150 foreigners coming from 12 countries, 4,200 athletes at the start, among whom 200 women. Over 40 accredited journalists and photographers.
  • Gazzetta dello Sport is Media Partner (3 advertising issues are foreseen), Radio Number One hosts the spots.
  • Classifications are published, as always, in L’Eco of Bergamo and Io c’ero (cycling tourism monthly magazine).
  • Confirmed the presence of GF in MIC-Shimano Challenge Road 2003, a 6-race circuit in northern Italy.
  • Franco Ballerini and Andrei Tchmil are the winners of the French classic race, at the side of Gimondi at the starting line.
  • Victory of Davide Montanari in the long itinerary, setting a new record for the race: 4.35’00. Second place for Emanuele Negrini and third for Andrea Paluan. In the women’s category, victory of Monica Bandini who doubles the victory of the previous year, followed by Tiziana Smorgon and Annarita Piccari.
  • In the medium itinerary, the podium was occupied by Daniele De Beni, Francesco Sancisi and Pietro Marinoni. In the women’s category, victory for Marisa Coato over Marion Pristinger and Carissa Munoz.
  • Sprint and victory alone for Roberto Giucolsi in the short itinerary, followed by the couple Giorgio Quaglia and Giorgio Federici. In the women’s category, victory of Luisa Palagi over Daniela Bresciani and Silvia Vezzini.

9ath Edition: Giro di Lombardia 1966

  • May 10th commemorates the first of the two victories of Felice Gimondi at Giro di Lombardia (1966). The commemorative green woollen jersey with white sleeves is designed especially for the event.
  • 109 faithful cyclists also at the ninth edition of the International Gran Fondo.
  • Journalistic prize “Pedalando con Gimondi, Felice di scriverlo “was won by Marco Bonarrigo thanks to his article published in the monthly magazine Il Giornale delle Granfondo (June 2003). He was awarded a Bianchi racing frame, by Felice Gimondi in person.
  • The GF event represents Italy in the exclusive UCI’s Golden Bike circuit.
  • Offers for women at the start: free admission, personalized race bib, race kit with beauty products, red roses on arrival.
  • At the start, the winners of past editions of “Corsa delle foglie morte”: Franco Bitossi (1967/1970), Giambattista Baronchelli (1977/1986), Moreno Argentin (1987). And also Claudio Chiappucci, who twice arrived second in the Giro di Lombardia.
  • As guests, motorcyclists Troy Bayliss, Australian MotoGP racer, and Roberto Locatelli (Aprilia 125).
  • Stefano Girardi signed his fourth victory in the long itinerary, followed by David Tani and Esilio Fantini. Monica Bandini rules for the third consecutive year. In second and third places, Monica De Palma and Roberta Sacchelli.
  • In the short itinerary, victory of Erik Del Degan over Giorgio Federici and Enzo Gnani. In the women’s category, victory of Silvia Vezzini over Daniela Bresciani and Luisa Bonvini.
  • In the medium itinerary, victory of Loris Ferrari over Giulio Magri and Francesco Sancisi. On the same itinerary, the finishing line was reached first by Alessandra Cantini, followed by Marion Pristinger and Federica Baldi.

10ath Edition: Decennale

  • To celebrate the tenth edition, a cycling jersey is designed in active fabric reproducing the nine commemorative jerseys of the previous editions, while they ‘’symbolically’’ chase the jersey of the tenth edition.
  • A mechanical assistance point is introduced a few metres after the start, thus obtaining a total of 10 assistance points along the three itineraries (in addition to 5 mobile ones).
  • 100 the faithful cyclists at the start, wearing the tenth edition jersey received as gift.
  • Paolo Alberati won the journalistic prize “Pedalando con Gimondi, Felice di scriverlo” thanks to his article published in Cicloturismo in June 2004.
  • A special issue is designed in collaboration with Poste Italiane, entitled: “1996 2005 Dieci Anni Insieme”: It consists of an adhesive postage stamp of limited edition and three illustrated postcards included in the race kit.
  • The GF race has been included in the “Trofeo Windstopper” circuit which features the most important Italian Granfondo races.
  • A contest was launched to award ten subscriptions to the race intended for lucky owners of Personal Chips of Winning Time.
  • Presence of champions Mino Denti, Eddy Merckx, Ivan Gotti, Michele Dancelli, Giambattista Baronchelli, Franco Bitossi and Moreno Argentin.
  • 4,000 athletes at the start: 79 Italian provinces represented, 125 women, 173 foreigners (13 countries).
  • In the long itinerary, victory of Raimondas Rumsas who sets a new record for this race: 4:30′ 26″. Second place for Roberto Moretti who outsprints Alfonso Falzarano. In the women’s category, Monica Bandini achieves the fourth consecutive victory at GF, followed by Sigrid Corneo and Brunella Bettati.
  • In the medium itinerary, Michael Chocol outsprints Loris Ferrari and Giulio Magri. In the women’s category, victory of Ilaria Lombardo over Silvia Vezzini and Milena Pirola.
  • In the women’s category of the short itinerary, net victory of Francesca Andina, followed by Alessandra Cantini and Adriana Tomasini. In the men’s category, Claudio Panzeri mounts the highest step of the podium, followed by Giambattista Baronchelli and Agostino Poletti.

11ath Edition: Milano - Sanremo 1974

  • Reconfirmed for the eleventh edition, the presence of GF in UCI’s Golden Bike circuit.
  • The victory of Felice Gimondi at “Milano -Sanremo 1974” is celebrated with a short-sleeved woollen jersey in pistachio green.
  • 93 faithful cyclists at the start on May 7th.
  • 25,000 brochures distributed in the main Italian cycling competitions.
  • 600 volunteers looking after the refreshment points, distribution of the race kits and numbers, assistance points along the route and start/finish logistics.
  • The new day permit allows admission to non-registered people.
  • Article “La Granfondo è anche e soprattutto una vera sofferenza” allows Paolo Aresi to win the journalistic prize “Pedalando con Gimondi, Felice di scriverlo” .
  • At the start, at Felice Gimondi’s side are Michele Dancelli, Gavazzi, Gianni Motta, Fabio May and Roberto Locatelli.
  • Raimondas Rumsas doubles his victory of the previous year, winning the long itinerary with a new record: 4:28’19”, followed by Simone Bertoletti and Matteo Podestà. In the women’s category, Monica Bandini outsprints Barbara Pancioni and Brunella Bettati.
  • In the men’s category, medium itinerary, Andrea Gipponi beats Michel Cocol and loris Ferrari. In the women’s category, first place for Silvia Vezzini followed by Olga Cappiello and Maria Pettenuzzo.
  • Victory in the short itinerary is achieved by Claudio Panzeri, who outsprints Agostino Poletti and Giovanni Spatti. In the women’s category, victory of Luisa Palagi, followed by Adriana Tomasini and Mirna Pasetti.

12ath Edition: Salvarani 1965 - 1972

  • Scheduled for May 13th, the twelfth edition celebrates Salvarani, Felice Gimondi’s debut team as a professional (1965) with the classic light blue jersey in wool, with short sleeves and zip.
  • The Granfondo organized in New Zealand (9 races altogether) became part of the Golden Bike circuit, which also features the International Gran Fondo.
  • Matteo Cavazzuti won the prize “Pedalando con Gimondi, Felice di scriverlo” thanks to his article “Sfida sul Selvino in maglia storica.” published in Cicloturismo (June 2006).
  • UCI’s manager for UCI’s Golden Bike circuit is present in Bergamo with Chinese Yan Shi, UCI Development Coordinator, in charge of public relations between UCI and the Chinese Cycling Federation, in view of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
  • Absolute record of people registered: 4,850 registered (300 foreigners, 222 women).
  • The following answer Felice Gimondi’s call: Armani, Campagnari, Carletto, Casalini, Casati, Dalla Bona, Davo, Guerra, Gualazzini, Santambrogio, Zandegù.
  • Raimondas Rumsas, second time winner of the long itinerary with a time of 04h32’20, followed by Matteo Podestà at only 12″ and Timothy David Jones, third classified. Monica Bandini won the Gran Fondo for the sixth consecutive time, second place for Monia Gallucci, and third for Costanza Martinelli.
  • On the medium itinerary, Michael Chocol outsprints Andrea Paluan, with Eduard Kivishev classified third. Winner at the arrival of the medium itinerary Ilaria Lombardo, second Maria Cristina Prati and third Valentina Patrini.
  • For the short itinerary, first victory for Sergio Casella of Brescia, second Giorgio Federici and third step of the podium for Enzo Gnani. In the women’s category on the short itinerary, victory for Mirna Pasetti, followed by Laura Fossati and third Alessandra Sonzogni.

13ath Edition: G. Prix de Nations 1967

  • On Sunday,May 13th, the 13th edition celebrated Felice Gimondi’s victoryin 1967 at the Gran Premio delle Nazioni, the most important time trial of those times, later substituted by the specialty World Championship.
  • The timing of athletes is entrusted for the first time to the company Timing Data Service (TDS) which uses an active chip with an independent power source.
  • Pamela Pucci, author of the article “Festa Prestigio sui tornanti del Selvino” published in “Cicloturismo” (June 2007), was awarded the journalistic prize “Pedalare con Gimondi, Felice di scriverlo”.
  • The “GF”, the only Italian gran fondo component of the Golden Bike world circuit, saw its name also appearing in Prestigio, Brevetto Nobili Classic and Gran Combinata 2008 calendars.
  • At the start, 4 amaranth jerseys accompany Felice Gimondi: Aldo Moser, Daniel Gisiger, Charly Mottet and Tony Rominger.
  • 4,456 registered, 218 foreigners, 234 women.
  • 16 countries participate, among which Great Britain (67) and Switzerland (56) stand out in terms of number of athletes.
  • In the men’s competition, Emanuele Negrini won the long itinerary. Giovanni Maiello di Viner came second, followed by his team mate Sergio Barbero. In the women’s category, Monica Bandini beat all opponents and achieved her seventh consecutive victory at the GF event. With her on the podium, Barbara Lancioni and Maria Cristina Prati.
  • In the medium itinerary, Enrico Saccomanni outsprints Roberto Cunico and Giuseppe Corsello. New record for the medium itinerary, women’s category, set by Melissa Merloni, first with a time of 3:42:09. Followed by Ilaria Lombardo and Valeria Patrini.
  • Giovanni Spatti, Andrea Vassalli and Giorgio Federici finished the short itinerary in that order. In the women’s category, Simona Mazzucotelli stood on the top step of the podium, second place for Anna Maria Zana, third for Natalina Facchi.

14ath Edition: 52me Paris - Bruxelles 1966

  • 17 May 2009 – the date chosen for the 14th International Gran Fondo, the day after the eighth leg of Giro d’Italia arrived in Bergamo. This edition commemorates the 1966 Paris-Brussels race, which saw the great Felice Gimondi win for the first time.
  • Registration for the 14th edition opened on Wednesday January 7th, with 800 cyclists.
  • A journalist from Bergamo Ildo Serantoni won the tenth edition of “Pedalando con Gimondi, Felice di scriverlo” the journalistic prize awarded during the International Gran Fondo.
  • At “GF” art and sport pedal together: in addition to the trophy conceived by maestro Antonino Rando, each edition is the occasion to present an artist from Bergamo. After Marco Ceravolo and Valentina Persico, in 2009 it is the turn of Giorgio Paris.
  • Medical assistance is strengthened in this edition: 8 ambulances, 2 medical bikes and 1 medical car are available. The White Cross of Bergamo coordinates the available staff and vehicles (80 people, 3 resuscitators) divided in fixed stations (Bergamo, Colle Gallo, Selvino, Olda, Costa Imagna and Brambilla) and on the road. A tent is installed inside the Lazzaretto in Bergamo, with 20 field beds for temporary hospitalization.
  • Absolute novelty: the entertainment organised for Sunday at the Lazzaretto, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Adults and children can have fun in a monocycle lab and enjoy the performance of clowns as well as the game show “Rosso a spasso”.
  • Other winners of the Paris-Brussels race join Felice Gimondi at the start: Franco Ballerini, Pierino Gavazzi and Andrea Tafi. 197 women and 68 faithful cyclists take part in the grid of honour.
  • Record number of foreign cyclists: 266 cyclists coming from 22 countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Luxemburg, Holland, Monaco, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, USA, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary).
  • Ivan Fanelli won this edition, outsprinting Anatoli Chaburka. On the podium, with them, Vincenzo Pisani who completed the 165.3 km itinerary in 4:32:57. In the women’s category, Barbara Lancioni handled the race best and her name is recorded in the golden roll with a time of 4:56:48. Second place for Monica Bandini in 5:06:56, while Melissa Merloni takes the lower step of the podium.
  • In the medium itinerary (134.5 km), victory for Giuseppe Corsello in 3:27:05. Leonardo Paez and Stephan Tempier settle for the second and third step on the podium, registering a time of 3:27:59 and 3:28:00 respectively. Ilaria Lombardo is the winner in the women’s category, in 3:44:57. Second position for Valentina Patrini, with a time of 3:54:06, followed by Sarah Ariatti in 3:56:55.
  • New record for the short itinerary: 95.7 km are covered at an average of 41.51 km/h by all three winners on the podium. First two positions for Cristian Cominelli and Silva Caro that mark two historic consecutive victories with a time of 2:21:12 and 2:21:19 respectively. To celebrate with them, Andrea Vassalli who fell on the last turn and reached the finishing line in 2:21:32. In the women’s category, victory for Monica Bonfanti who ended her race in 2:39:37. Nothing doing for her direct opponents, Manuela Sonzogni, second in 2:41:00, and Simona Mazzucotelli, who had to settle for third place.
  • Antidoping tests were performed on the first four winners of the long itinerary for the first time (negative outcome). 47 of over 3,600 athletes who ended the competition do not appear in the final classification. Why? Because they started from a previous grid other than the starting one, they failed to respect the starting and/or intermediate time, they raced with two chips and accepted a ride with the car…

15ath Edition: Quindicennio della Felice Gimondi

  • The 15th edition takes place on Sunday April 25 th, to allow the entire city of Bergamo to celebrate the 83rdAdunata nazionale degli alpini (May 8-9) held once more in this important Lombardy city after 24 years.
  • The exclusive jersey of the ‘’15th edition’’ presents the most important victories of super champion Felice Gimondi in a totally new combination.
  • I 65 faithful cyclists enjoy an extra benefit this year: once on the podium, they receive a silver medal directly from Felice Gimondi, designed for the occasion by sculptor Antonino Rando.
  • The 11th edition of the journalistic prize “Pedalando con Gimondi, Felice di scriverlo” was won by Lorenza Santi.
  • The Organizing Committee decides to present a young writer, Enrico Sironi, name of art Hemo and great expert on graffiti, to the cycling world.
  • According to the new measurements, the three itineraries are slightly shorter: Gran Fondo 162.1 km, Medio Fondo 128.8 km and Fondo 89.4 km.
  • Thanks to an open double-decker bus, similar to those circulating in Italian and European cities, athletes’ families and friends can tour the city while waiting for their beloved to return.
  • Lined up at the start with Felice Gimondi are the best cyclists from Bergamo, who over the years have taken part in the most prestigious competitions: Giambattista Baronchelli, Gaetano Baronchelli, Wladimir Belli, Claudio Corti, Ivan Gotti, Giuseppe Guerini, Paolo Lanfranchi and Paolo Savoldelli.
  • 4,000 athletes, of which 178 women. 3 Japanese cyclists competing in the Gran Fondo for the first time, thanks to whom the total number of foreigners reached 248. 19 countries at the start (Austria, Belgium, Belorussia, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Malta, Norway, Holland, Monaco, Portugal, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Spain, USA, Sweden, Switzerland).
  • After various placings, finally an important victory for Alessandro Bertuola, first with a time of 4:38:08 (average: 34.969 km/h).
    On the podium with him, Antonio Corradini, second in 4:39:25, immediately followed by Alfonso Falzarano (4:39:27).
  • In the women’s category, Barbara Lancioni led the race. She reached top step of the podium with a time of 4:59:17 (average: 32.498 km/h). The second place went to Monica Bandini who ended the race in 5:10:28. Third place, with 5:30:41 went to the radiant and incredulous Claudia Avanzi.
  • In the medium itinerary, Cesana, Giussani and Camozzi are the protagonists of a triple escape. Arriving at the last kilometre in a close line, they sprint ahead with Mauro Cesana gaining first place in 3:32:28 (average: 36.373 km/h). Second place for team mate Niki Giussani with the time of 3:32:35, and third Antonio Camozzi in 3:32:36.
  • Claudia Gentili achieves her first victory at the Gran Fondo of Bergamo, with a time of 3:42:19 (average: 34.761 km/h). Roberta Moschen comes in second with a time of 3:46:35. Third place for Carolina Rossi who completes the race in 4:07:05.
  • The fight for the podium of the short itinerary ends with Andrea Vassalli’s sprint victory at the last turn, registering a time of 2:25:11.6 (average: 36.946 km/h), followed by Enrico Biganzoli (2:25:11.7) and Giovanni Spatti in 2:25:12.
  • In the women’s category, Luisa Palagi easily won her fifth victory in five races (2:39:34, average: 33.616 km/h), followed by Manuela Sonzogni in 2:41:15 and Monica Bonfanti in 2:41:18.

16ath Edition: Campionato Italiano - Giro dell’Appennino 1972

  • The 16 th edition celebrates the Unification of Italy and takes up the green, white and red colours: the three-colour jersey of Felice Gimondi’s victory at the 1972 Italian Championship.
  • This marked the beginning of the Five Stars League to which the Bergamo competition belongs. The union, which also includes other four prestigious events such as Nove Colli, Maratona dles Dolomites, GF Sportful and Pinarello Cycling Marathon, aims at eliminating useless competitive excess while re-discovering the beauty of surrounding nature.
  • The athletes can wear the three-colour jersey at this event which celebrates the 150 years of Italian unification. This is the official jersey of the granfondo, in wool with short sleeves, linked with the victory of Felice Gimondi in the Italian championship (Giro dell’Appennino) in 1972.
  • Marzio Gazzetta wins the “Pedalando con Gimondi, Felice di Scriverlo” prize, a journalistic acknowledgment for the success obtained by his article published last April in the magazine “La Padania”.
  • As per tradition, the series of artists presented to the cycling enthusiasts continues in view of the GF: for the 2011 edition, the Organizing Committee chose Steven Cavagna, painter, sculptor and designer.
  • For the 2011 edition, the Nembro-Selvino climb in the race, the most representative section of this international granfondo, has been named “Cronoscalata Eugenio Mercorio”, homage to a character renowned in the city and not only.
  • The bronze trophy designed by sculptor Antonino Rando for the 16th edition of the GF also took up the white, red and green colours for the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unification. In fact, looking at the work, the Italian flag stands out, waving on the right.
  • A novelty is enrolment in “Solidarietà” at the price of 250 Euros which gives the right to start at the VIP grid and to the official jersey for the event, signed by Felice Gimondi. The income deriving from these registrations will be devolved to charity, to Associazione Agenha di Romano di Lombardia, Bergamo. A five-circle Felice Gimondi competition. Arienti, Bailetti, Fornoni, Trapè and Vigna, winners at the Rome Olympics of1960, are present together with Olympic champions Jury Chechi (Atlanta, 1996) and Antonio Rossi (Atlanta, 1996 and Australia, 2000).
  • From the Arab Emirates to compete in the Felice Gimondi race and not only; in fact, there are 16 countries at the start (Belgium, Brazil, Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Holland, Portugal, Monaco, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Hungary).
  • The long itinerary is eliminated in this edition due to heavy rain.
  • Antonio Corradini (128.8 km in 3:37:04 – 35.602 km/h) and Monica Bandini (128.8 km in 3:59:48 – 32.26 km/h) are the winners of the 16th edition of GF (medium itinerary).
  • In the short itinerary, 89.4 km, decisive was the final sprint of winner Giovanni Spatti of the Cicli Bettoni Team. In the women’s category, victory went to Beatrice Tonini of the Lamacart Cycling Team.
  • Eugenio Mercorio Memorial Day. The winners of the Nembro -Selvino Uphill time trial (10.45 km) are Giulio Magri, in the short itinerary- 89.4 km. Antonio Corradini in the medium itinerary. For the year of birth 1959 (Eugenio Mercorio) the winner is Daniele Cortesi.

17ath Edition: Bianchi - Campagnolo 1973 -1976

  • The GF competition takes up the colours of white and light blue to celebrate the Bianchi Campagnolo jersey.
  • 100 ‘’Solidarietà” registrations in support of African children with the funds donated to the project “Adotta un Asilo” by Associazione My Name Is Help – Onlus.
  • The official website FeliceGimondi.com, the new Facebook page and Twitter profile: the GF races goes faster online as well.
  • Solidarity record: in 13 years, the GF race and G.M.S. have donated 100,000 Euros to charity.
  • The GF race is also promoted at BIT (Borsa internazionale del turismo) at Fiera di Milano Rho.
  • The GF race meets the art of Tiziano Finazzi, an artist from Bergamo who exhibits his works at the Expo-Gimondi during the 2012 event.
  • Another bronze sculpture by artist Antonino Rando is the award to winners of the Internationalgranfondo. A work that represents a life on two wheels. A life made of challenges, winnings and sprints.
  • The GF race renews the appointment with “Cronoscalata Eugenio Mercorio”, the Nembro-Selvino uphill time trial dedicated to an important figure of Bergamo.
  • This year, there are 56 faithful cyclists: those who have never missed an edition of the GF race.
  • Postponed to April 24th the presentation of the 17th GF race in remembrance of Piermario Morosini, player in the Livorno soccer team, formerly with Atlanta, who had died on field a few days earlier due to a heart attack.
  • Roads full of potholes, safety is scarce and the GF race has to change routes. Two itineraries (Medium and Short) even more spectacular and with breath-taking panoramas.
  • The Organizing Committee of the GF race joins the Five Stars League’s Progetto Tutela della Salute: 100 blood tests on the morning of the race, a fight against those without a number (Portuguese).
  • 103 foreigners arrive to compete in the 17th edition of the GF race, representing 18 countries and 3 continents. They come from Australia, Canada and most of Europe. Swiss and English are the most numerous.
  • Bianchi -Campagnolo re-lives at the Felice Gimondi race; at the starting line, in addition to Felice Gimondi: Marino Basso, Emilio Casalini, Giovanni Cavalcanti, Gianfranco Foresti, Ercole Gualazzini, Giacinto Santambrogio, Alex Van Linden, Ric Van Linden (Belgium).
  • Cold and bad weather do not stop the celebrations of the 2012 GF. Fabio Laghi and Monica Bandini from Forli’ won the medium itinerary. Andrea Volpi and Carolina Rossi win the short one.
  • The best time of “Eugenio Mercorio” uphill time trial is registered by Iacopo Bettoni of the Pianeta Bici Giordana team.

18ath Edition: Maglia Azzurra - Campionato del Mondo di Barcellona 1973

  • After a year’s pause, the GF race returns to celebrate the light blue jersey worn during the victory of the Sedrina champion on the Montjuic circuit.
  • The light blue jersey recalls the first national gathering of Atleti Azzurri d’Italia due to take place during the same weekend as the Granfondo.
  • Gimondi GF reproposes three classic itineraries: “short” of 89.4 km, “medium” of 128.8 km and “long” of 162.1 km.
  • The organization offers 50 solidarity registrations. The profits will be devolved to project “Adotta un Asilo”, promoted by Associazione My Name Is Help – Onlus.
  • The Gimondi GF respects the environment. 5 refreshment areas are set up, strictly ‘’Ecozones’’, with a space to collect waste located near the area.
  • CT Davide Cassani recalls his three participations at the Gimondi (1999-2000-2001): ‘’It’s amazing and the organization is impeccable’’.
  • One of the Gimondi’s goals is to encourage the participation of female athletes. The organizers aim at reaching 10% of women. Initiatives are being planned to incentivate the participation of women for St. Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and Women’s Day (March 8th).
  • Sunday March 2nd, Felice Gimondi cycles along the streets of his Granfondo with chef Davide Oldani.
  • The partnership continues between the Granfondo and the artists from Bergamo who are presented every year to the cycling world. The Organizing Committee chooses painter Zaccaria Cremaschi for the 2014 edition.
  • A new collaboration begins between the GF and Fondazione Creberg focused on exhibitions and cultural activities.
  • There are 48 faithful cyclists who have completed all the Gimondi editions.
  • Bianchi becomes title sponsor of the Granfondo.
  • Mud slides on Bergamo’s roads cause Val Taleggio to be cancelled from the ‘’medium’’ and ‘’long’’ itineraries, and the Costa Valle Imagna climb from the ‘’long’’ itinerary. The Dossena climb is added to the itinerary along with Bracca and Santuario di Cornabusa sections.
  • 2206 athletes at the starting line of the Granfondo, over 6% are women. There are many ‘’foreigners’’, with athletes coming from 12 countries: Belgium, France, England, Italy, Lithuanian, Malta, Holland, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.
  • Despite a harsh fall the day before the Granfondo race, Felice Gimondi still manages to reach the arrival point of his race.
  • Many famous faces enrich the starlist of the 2014 edition: the President of the Italian Cycling Federation Renato Di Rocco, chef Davide Oldani, Olympic winner Antonio Rossi, Managing Director Bianchi Bob Ippolito and the managing editor of Gazzetta dello Sport Pier Bergonzi.
  • The “Gimondi” returns on May 4th and it is a great success. CONI’s President Malago’ congratulates Manenti and his staff.
  • Roberto Cunico wins the long itinerary. The first winner of the medium itinerary is Antonio Camozzi, while the short one is won by a representative of the Bianchi Factory Team, Daniele Gualemi.
  • In the women’s category, Marina Ilmer wins the long itinerary, Manuela Sonzogni the medium and Valentina Mabritto the short one.

19ath Edition: 1965 - 2015, 50 years from the victory at the Tour de France

  • Felice Gimondi at the Six-day race in Gand promotes the Granfondo dedicated to the 50th anniversary from winning the yellow jersey at the 1965 Tour de France.
  • Great enthusiasm for Gimondi at Gand. The Granfondo achieves popularity also in Belgium.
  • Granfondo Bianchi joins the Coppa Piemonte and Expo 2015 tracks.
  • Bianchi celebrates the 130th anniversary with GF Gimondi.
  • Belgium once again for the Granfondo! The organisers and Felice Gimondi fly to Velofollies. Another warm welcome for Gimondi and his Granfondo.
  • This Granfondo will be marked by the yellow colour. The commemorative jersey of the 50th anniversary from the victory of Gimondi at the Tour de France was presented, embellished with custom-details that recall to cycling enthusiasts, the most significant legs of the most important race of the career of the Italian cycling legend in his first year as professional cyclist.
  • At Gimondi, art and sport speak the same language. The works of Mariella Bettineschi exhibited in view of the 19th edition.
  • The hand of Maestro Rando on the trophy of the 19th Gimondi edition. A bronze sculpture celebrates Felice’s victory at the 1965 Tour de France.
  • Four edition of “Eugenio Mercorio uphill time trial” that will reward the best times on Selvino climb. Dedicated to Eugenio Mercorio, the uphill time trial will depart from the inhabited centre of Nembro and will end after 12.2 km and 621 metres of altitude difference on the peak of Selvino (average gradient of 5.1% and maximum gradient of 10%).
  • Granfondo Bianchi is presented to the press with an extremely original installation, result of the constant exchange of ideas between the organisation and Gimondi’s endless memorabilia. 22 legs and 22 symbols, with references to the legs and “seal” of the Tour de France. And once again the white of the 22 destination towns that fades in the memory, summarising the deeds of each day with cute mini-cyclists lined up with the original jersey of 1965 according to the order of arrival of each leg.
  • 3740 registered cyclists for the Granfondo (with an outstanding +60% compared to the 2014 edition, which marked the new beginning of the event after a year off) and 28 represented countries. 30% of registered cyclists are under forty years of age. Almost 6% of the participants are women, against an average datum of 4% with regards to other races.
  • The queen of the Granfondo speaks Polish: Hubert Jacek Krys and Manuela Sonzogni win in Bergamo for the men’s and women’s category, respectively.
  • Giorgio Viotto and Serena Gazzini win the short itinerary. Antonio Camozzi and Erica Magnaldi win the medium-range itinerary.

20ath Edition: 20 Years Anniversary

  • The Granfondo Internazionale – Bianchi celebrates its jubilee on May 15th, 2016: the 20th edition falls during the Extraordinary Holy Year announced by Pope Francis.
  • The UK is fascinated by Bergamo and its Granfondo: the “Telegraph” enhances the city’s beauty and the bicycle becomes an ideal tool for tourism development.
  • The event dedicated to Felice Gimondi signed an agreement with Italy Bike Tour to promote the race in the United Kingdom.
  • An artistic jersey inspired to Dutch Mondrian’s paintings is the symbol of the 20th
  • Cycling and art ride together thanks to Trento Longaretti, the local artist who the exhibit linked to the event is dedicated to.
  • Granfondo Bianchi joins the Grand Prix Maglia Nera circuit.
  • The event enhances its paddock located in Bergamo downtown’s Lazzaretto to welcome the technical stands of 23 brands and the children garden with a newly space.
  • The Granfondo introduces a new security service thanks to Soccorso Alpino’s staff on the course’s key points.
  • The GF Gimondi-Bianchi celebrates the winners: Tommaso Elettrico in the men’s category and Simona Parente in the women’s race.
  • The medium route is the most chosen by the cyclists:
    • percentage of classified athletes on 89,4 Km route: 28,8%;
    • percentage of classified athletes on 128,8 Km route: 43,0%;
    • percentage of classified athletes on 162,1 Km route: 28,2 %.
  • Mattia Casse, Italian alpine ski racer, and the Superbike superstar Leon Haslam take part at the race.
  • Bianchi gathers the world around the event: about 150 guests of the Italian brand lived a special experience at GF Gimondi.
  • The Granfondo Gimondi-Bianchi is increasingly social phenomenon with 702000 online users reached with Facebook thanks to an accurate communication strategy.

21ast Edition: Felice in pink

  • Dedicated to the 100th edition of Giro d’Italia , the 21st Granfondo Internazionale Bianchi recalls Gimondi’s outstanding records in the “pink race”: 3 overall wins, 9 podium spots, finisher in all his 14 participations
  • The organizers confirm the three classic routes, “short”, “medium” and “long” (89,4 km, 128,8 km, 162,1 km), personally charted by Felice Gimondi
  • GF’s official jersey specifically designed by the Organising Committee and produced by Santini Cycling – Made in Italy, emphasises the strong bond between Gimondi and the Giro, displaying the Giro leader jersey’s multiple shades of pink, joined to the Italian iconic “azzurro” and “tricolore” (green, white and red). “Tutto il rosa di Felice” lettering is set at the heart level, on the left side
  • Dutch Steven Kruijswijk, leader jersey’s holder at 2016 Giro d’Italia, discovers 2017 “pink race” and GF Internazionale Bianchi’s courses, accompanied by Gimondi himself, on Saturday, January 7th
  • The GF Bianchi joins the Shimano Challenge circuit
  • As in 2016, the GF Felice Bianchi is also part of the Maglia Nera circuit
  • Taiwan’s Xplova (a bike computer brand founded in 2008 and acquired by Acer in 2015), German Alpecin from Dr. Wolff (leader in hair products) and Swiss Zurich Insurance Group Ltd bring a stronger international appeal to the GF Gimondi as new partners
  • The paintings of the 65-year-old Fabio Agliardi are highlighted in the GF’s traditional exhibit coordinated by the Creberg Foundation in Bergamo
  • The Granfondo Bianchi improves social media-wise: the Facebook page of the event boasts over 9mila likes
  • The Granfondo confirms the security service thanks to Soccorso Alpino’s staff on the course’s key points
  • 4.105 riders enter the 21st GF Bianchi
  • The medium route is again the most chosen by the riders: classified athletes’ rates are 29,2% on 89,4 Km route, 43,4% on 128,8 Km route, 43,4% on 162,1 Km route
  • After a thrilling finale, the GF Enrico Zen wins the Men’s GF while Simona Parente tops the Women’s race

22and Edition: Remembering the Vuelta

  • “Remembering the Vuelta” is the 22nd edition’s theme, linked to the 50th anniversary of Felice Gimondi’s success at the Vuelta a Espana that allowed him to complete the “triple crown” after the GC wins at Tour (1965) and Giro (1967).
  • The organizers confirmed the three classic routes, “short”, “medium” and “long” (89,4 km, 128,8 km, 162,1 km), personally charted by Felice Gimondi.
  • GF’s official jersey specifically designed by the Organising Committee and produced by Santini Cycling – Made in Italy, celebrates Gimondi’s triumph at the Vuelta with Spain’s national colors (yellow and red), the merged “1968” and “2018” lettering, the logos of GF Bianchi, Santini Cycling and 1968 Vuelta, the  “Remembering the Vuelta” claim  and, on the right hip, 22nd GF Gimondi Bianchi’s headline, date and place.
  • The GF Felice Bianchi is part of the “Maglia Nera” and “Giro delle Regioni on the road” circuits.
  • The trophy created by Master Antonio Rando displays the rough profile of Vuelta a Espana’s mountains and Bergamo’s skyline.
  • The paintings of the 53-year-old Giovanni Bonaldi are in the spotlights in the GF’s traditional exhibit coordinated by the Creberg Foundation in Bergamo.
  • Dedicated to a Granfondo’s friend recently passed away, the photo contest “Scatti veloci in memoria di Ilario Zonca (Quick shits in memory of Ilario Zonca) joins the panel of 22nd GF Bianchi Side events. The contest is open either to professional or amateur photographers under the organization of G.M. Sport and Bergamo’s Circolo Culturale “G. Greppi”.
  • The Granfondo-Bianchi’s followers grow also on the Facebook page, going up to over 10.000 likes.
  • The Granfondo strengthened the security service with 120 further additional signalling officers, back from a training course sponsored by the GF Bianchi’s OC, employed at 165 minor crossroads along the three routes.
  • The GF Internazionale Felice Bianchi organizers brush up the “Eugenio Mercorio uphill TT challenge”, from Nembro to Selvino, in the name of a Granfondo’s friend untimely died in 2010.
  • 4.032 riders entered the 21st GF  Bianchi.
  • 25 Countries and 5 continents honored the GF: the non-Italian participants were 206 (188 men and 18 women) coming from Europe but also Asia (South Korea, Japan), America (US, Colombia), Australia and South Africa.
  • The medium route looks like the riders’ favourite one more and more in recent years: classified athletes’ rates have been 27,9% on 89,4 Km route, 46% on 128,8 Km route, 26,1% on 162,1 Km route.
  • Dario Giovine and his teammate Manuela Sonzogni were the overall winners in a crowded twenty-first edition kissed by a sunny day.

23ard Edition: Tribute to the Magnificent 7

The 2019 edition is entitled “Tribute to the Magnificent 7” and dedicated to the giants of the Grand Slam, or to those champions of winning at least once in their career Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana: along with Felice Gimondi, remember the companies of Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Alberto Contador, Vincenzo Nibali and Chris Froome
Initially confirmed the three classic routes, “short”, “medium” and “long” (89.4 km, 128.8 km, 162.1 km), due to the exceptional weather conditions with cold and snow the organization opts for have the race run only on the 89.4 km short course, regularly and safely.
Expressively created by the organizing committee, packaged by Santini Cycling – Made in Italy on the Karma Evo model, the official uniform hosts 51 peaks (as many as the absolute successes of the Magnifici), a large number 7 on the back, written references and color references – the pink pocket on the back, the yellow and red bands on the sleeves – in Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana. History and legend of the great turns in a shirt not to be missed.
The sponsorship agreement between Granfondo and Bianchi was renewed for a further five years until 2024.
In the trophy created by Maestro Antonino Rando, the profiles of the city of Bergamo merge with a large “7”, (like the number of Giants of the Grand Slam) and the three circles intertwined with 51 peaks, one for each of the companies of the champions who have made of the tenacity the most irresistible weapon: strong and resistant to every adversity, hard as bronze
The sculptures by Carlo Previtali, born in 1947, are the protagonists of the traditional exhibition linked to the Granfondo Bianchi, coordinated by the Creberg Foundation
The Facebook page “La Felice” exceeds 11 thousand likes, confirming also a crowded virtual square of discussion, territorial promotion and sports amarcord.
The Gimondi becomes even more eco-friendly with the replacement of eighteen pallets of water with that coming from the aqueduct at the six refreshment points. Save 205 kilograms of plastic, 560 liters of oil and 281 kg of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.
In first place, in Bergamo, there is always safety: ninety minutes of traffic closure on the track, 880 people in service along the streets of Bergamo and the surrounding area, including 218 additional reporting workers (ASA) and 75 force agents the order.
Confirmed the “Eugenio Mercorio time trial”, which rewards the best timed times on the Selvino ascent (never so demanding).
The international appeal of GF is growing: 307 foreigners are registered from 28 countries. Most foreigners come from Europe, but there are also Argentina (2), Australia (19), Canada (8), Mexico (10), South Africa (6) and the United States (4).
Federico Brevi won the victory in 2 hours, 29 minutes and 29 seconds, ahead of the German Maximilian Hornung (in his second “Gimondi”) and another from Bergamo, Luca Cantini. Among women, 49-year-old Parma winner Ilaria Lombardo wins; on the podium also Barbara Zambotti (second) and Erika Natati (third).

24ath Edition: U.S. Sedrinese 1960-1964

  • The 24th edition takes a long time to come: 1099 days, 157 weeks. From 5 May 2019 to 8 May 2022: despite everything, the 3500 bibs were sold out.
  • The trophy is once again made by Maestro Antonino Rando: in the centre stands a sun, symbolising the light of Gimondi’s life and the prestige that his career gave to the whole Italy. At the bottom are the three jerseys with which the champion from Sedrina competed from 1965 to 1979, while at the sides are another eleven jerseys with arms raised, symbolising the most important successes of Gimondi’s career.
  • There are 22 ‘Puntuali’ (on timers) at the start, those who have participated in every edition of the ‘Gimondi’ since  the start in 1996.
  • The winners of the 24th “Granfondo Gimondi” are Manuel Senni and Annalisa Prato for the long route, Rossano Mauti and Alessia Bortoli in the medium one, Fabio Fadini and Luisa Isonni in the short one.
  • The routes chosen are the three classics: the short 89.4 km, the medium 128.8 km and the long 162.1 km. A road brake in the days immediately preceding the event causes a small cut in the long route, bringing it down to 145 km.
  • The ‘Cronoscalata Eugenio Mercorio’ (Eugenio Mercorio Uphill Time Trial) is confirmed in the program, to remember the respected accountant and friend, and to reward the best times on the Selvino ascent: 10.4 km starting from Nembro, with 621 metres of elevation gain.
  • With 3,500 registered participants, the total number of riders who have taken part in the “Gimondi” over the years has exceeded the wall of 90,000: 92,188 since 1996.
  • The official jersey of the 24th edition is the black and white one of Sedrinese, Felice’s first club, made by the Italian sportswear excellence of Santini Cycling.
  • The Granfondo Gimondi opens to all bikes, both muscular and electric: with the category GIM – Green is Magic, all bikes are admitted: from vintage to e-bikes, mountain bikes, e-suv, fixed-gear bikes, gravel, fat bikes, recumbent bikes, tandem bikes, folding bikes, city bikes and the ever-present “Graziella”.
  • The new ListNride service has been implemented, allowing racing bikes to be rented directly in Bergamo.
  • Thanks to the completion of the cycle-pedestrian ring around Bergamo’s airport, Orio al Serio becomes the first bike-friendly airport in Europe, allowing people to reach the start of the Granfondo straight by bike.
  • Over €23,000 are raised for charity and donated to the Amici di Francesco Onlus and Associazione Disabili Bergamaschi.
  • The start is attended by athletes from ‘Obiettivo3’, a project by Paralympic champion Alex Zanardi to promote and support handicapped athletes in engaging in sporting activities.
  • Race organizer Giuseppe Manenti creates the ‘Magnifiche quindici’ (Magnificent Fifteen), as many works of art that retrace Gimondi’s career, from his success at the Tour de L’Avenir in 1964 to his third triumph at the Giro d’Italia in 1976. In between we find the wins at the Tour de France (1965), the Paris-Roubaix (1966), the two Giro di Lombardia (1966 and 1973), the three Giro d’Italia (the 50th in 1967, then in 1969 and 1976), the Vuelta a España (1968), the two Italian Championships (1968 and 1972), the Trofeo Baracchi (1968, paired with another cycling great like Jacques Anquetil), the Tour de Romandie (1969), the World Championships in Barcelona (1973) and the Milano-Sanremo (1974). The pieces are on display at the Banco BPM headquarters in the heart of the city.
  • The event is featured by riders from twenty-five nations (Switzerland, Belgium and Germany the most represented after Italy).

25ath Edition: Bergamo Brescia 2023 - Capitale Italiana della Cultura

  • After 24 editions, the Bergamo Granfondo turns the page and starts a new era, together with the Milan Bergamo airport, whose international code is BGY.
  • 000 participants take part in this special edition, dedicated to “Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture”.
  • The trophy “Bergamo Alta, the Bike and the Plane” is made by Maestro Antonino Rando: in the centre of the bronze sculpture stands the bike, together with the skyline of the Upper part of the city (Bergamo Alta). In the bassorilievo are the windows of a plane, representing the partnership with the Milan Bergamo airport.
  • The chosen routes stick to the Granfondo tradition: the Short one of 89.4 km, the Medium one of 128.8 km and the Long one of 162.1 km.
  • The total amount of participants in the Bergamo Granfondo since its foundation in 1996 are over 94.000.
  • The official jersey of the BGY Airport Granfondo 2023 is crafted by Italian excellence Santini Cycling Wear dedicated to Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture: the yellow and red stand for Bergamo, while blue and light blue represent Brescia.
  • Thanks to SACBO support, a new BGY Bike Room has been arranged right at the airport, where participants coming by plane can immediately assemble and disassemble their bike, store the bike bag and cycle straight to the start.
  • Thanks to the cycle-pedestrian ring just outside the airport, Milan Bergamo has been licensed has first Bike-Friendly airport in Europe. Thanks to this path, it is possible to reach the city and the start of the Granfondo in 5 km only.
  • The BGY Airport Granfondo looks after the environment: the event uses electric vehicles and adheres to initiatives aiming at reducing the plastic waste. Thanks to these initiatives, the consumption of 18 pallets of plastic water has been avoided. In addition, the Organization sets up the EcoZones, to collect race waste, such as gel or snacks.
  • 150 riders come from abroad.
  • The Organization provides over 300 security operators over the entire routes
  • Thanks to the collaboration with Fondazione Credito Bergamasco, the Granfondo showcases the artworks of the versatile Bergamo artist, Emilio Belotti.