BGY Airport Granfondo: a big festival for 2300 cyclists from all over the world

310 seconds of colors, 310 seconds of smiles, 310 seconds of pure emotion. It took that long to parade the 2300 cyclists who this morning at 7 o’clock set off from via Marzabotto to take part in the second edition of the BGY Airport Granfondo.

In the bunch a lot of stories, such as those of the 42 Swedes who landed at Milan Bergamo Airport, partner and title sponsor, to participate in the event, of the eighteen faithful who have not lost an edition since 1996, or of the eight participants who today, Sunday 5 May, they celebrated their birthday: among them Mara Camilla Lamera, third in the medium route.

Speaking of those who did a great performance at the BGY Airport Granfondo, Lucia Isonni (As Boario) and Luca Boschini (TCT A.s.d.) won the short 89.4 km route, Carlotta Uber (Garda Scott Matergia) and Filippo Calliari (Garda Scott Matergia) crossed the finish line first after the 128.8 km of the medium route, while Erika Jesenko (New Molini Dolo) and Manuel Senni (Team Crainox) tamed the 162.1 km and over 3,050 meters of difference in altitude of the long route. With this success, the Slovenian becomes the first foreign athlete in the roll of honor of the BGY Airport Granfondo.

A mention also for the grimpeurs Simone Capelli (Salvi Bike Store), Matteo Molteni (Team DA-TOR / Isb) and Michele Negri (Team MP Filtri), the fastest in covering the 10 km of the Selvino climb and who therefore won the “Cronoscalata Eugenio Mercorio”, a challenge within the challenge of the BGY Airport Granfondo dedicated to the late cyclist who passed away 14 years ago but is always alive in the hearts of cycling friends.

Il podio del percorso lungo, vinto da Manuel Senni - credit Quaranta

Il podio del percorso lungo, vinto da Manuel Senni – credit Quaranta


Giorgio Gori, Mayor of Bergamo: “Today we lived another spectacular day, the result of an organization that has thirty years of experience and a strong crew. A team that is supported by another team, that of the sponsors who promote sport and our territory with facts. The union between sponsor, organizer and public administrations is an essential element to guarantee the future of this event”.

Giovanni Sanga, President of SACBO: “A great event that we have enthusiastically joined since last year. Being part of it is strategic for us, not only to validate our reputation as the first Bike Friendly airport in Europe, but also to confirm our dimension as an international airport linked to the Bergamo area; this bond with the territory will be strengthened when the rail connection between the airport and the city will be created”.

Giorgia Gandossi, Councilor of the Province of Bergamo: “It was an honor to launch an event that ideally links the entire territory of the province of Bergamo, uniting it thanks to a sport event that promotes a healthy lifestyle, more sustainable mobility and enhances environmental beauty of the city and our valleys”.

Giuseppe Manenti, promoter of GMS: “Today we have crowned a commitment that began on May 15, 2023, the day after the first edition. Organizing an event like this requires a great commitment and a great assumption of responsibility, for us but also for 1000 people who, with their professionalism, make the granfondo possible. All we can do it is to thank them and all the sponsors who support us, some of which since the first edition in 1996; this means having a relationship that goes far beyond a simple partnership”.

Il podio del percorso lungo, vinto da Manuel Senni - credit Quaranta

Il podio del percorso lungo, vinto da Manuel Senni – credit Quaranta

BGY Airport Granfondo 2024 podiums

Long route (km 162,1)

MEN: 1. Manuel Senni (Team Crainox) 4h30.57, average 35,90 km/h; 2. Paolo Castelnuovo (Team MP Filtri) +2.46; 3. Patrick Facchini (Team Sildom Garda) +4.50.
WOMEN: 1. Erika Jesenko (New Molini Dolo) 5h03.45, average 32,02 km/h; 2. Sonia Passuti (Team Staweld Buzzolan Basso) + 21.58; 3. Sarah Palfrader (Team Da-tor ISB) st.
Eugenio Mercorio time trial (long route): Michele Negri (Team MP Filtri)

Medium route (km 128,8)

MEN: 1. Filippo Calliari (Garda Scott Matergia) 3h27.00, average 37,33 km/h; 2. Filippo Bianchi (A.s.d. OOP! Sport & Fitness) st; 3. Luca Cantini (Team Morotti) +2:15.
WOMEN: 1. Carlotta Uber (Garda Scott Matergia) 3h49.41, average 33,65 km/h; 2. Katia Mennea (Garda Scott Matergia) +12.39; 3. Mara Camilla Lamera (RT 96 S.r.l.) +18.06.
Eugenio Mercorio time trial (medium route): Matteo Moltoni (Team DA-TOR / Isb)

Short route (km 89,4)

MEN: 1. Luca Boschini (TCT A.s.d.) 2h20.35, average 37,09 km/h; 2. Daniel Pellegrinelli (TCT A.s.d.) +0.05; 3. Matteo Bertocchi (Team Morotti) +0.11.
WOMEN: 1. Luisa Isonni (Asd Boario) 2h33.38, average 33,44 km/h; 2. Maria Donzelli (Bike Avengers) +4.32; 3. Emilie Bottini (Svizzera, Zerotest) +12.29.
Eugenio Mercorio time trial (short route): Simone Capelli (Salvi Bike Store)