A motorbike star joins GF Gimondi’s bunch

Brit motorcycle rider Leon Haslam among the over 3800 participants to start tomorrow, Sunday 15th May, from Bergamo: 20th Granfondo Felice Gimondi – Bianchi gets ready to celebrate its Jubilee

Thousands of people joined Bergamo to take part at 20th Granfondo Felice Gimondi – Bianchi, the Jubilee edition, tomorrow, Sunday 15th May. Riders, families and cycling fans gathered at Gimondi Expo within historical Lazzaretto sharing the exciting atmosphere of passion and joy that makes the GF Gimondi a special event and one of the most successful format in the category, even considering its outstanding safety standard over the roads.

Late registrations and package deliveries went on smoothly with number of participants increasing over 3.800 due to several last-minute requests: the official date of starters will be known tomorrow after departure anyway. Meanwhile GM Sport organizers released some figures witnessing the event’s positive trend as well as its great appeal among 4all races’ followers.

Women grew up to around 7% of the field whilst the stats regarding age-classes revealed the youngest (amid 16 and 24) established at 2,03%, 25- 39 year-old at 25,62%, 40-55 at 57,14%, over 55 at 15,1%. 18 out of 20 Italian regions are represented, topped by Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna.

The Granfondo Gimondi also reaffirms its international audience with almost 10% of participants from abroad and 18 countries attending the race this year: Australia, Belgium, Canada, South Corea, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, England Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland. Suisse, English and Belgian riders are the most numerous of the pack.

Among late applications, Brit motorcycle ace Leon Haslam, 32-year-old Superbike rider decided to put his bike passion to the test throughout one of the three demanding courses (89,4, 128,8 or 162,1 km) drawn by the legendary Italian champion. The beautiful landscapes all around will delight the participants but not leaven the fatigue.

All riders can’t wait the time to start, tomorrow morning at 7:00am, and enjoy a perfect day in name of sport and friendship: weather forecast sounds good as wellthey couldn’t wish for more!